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::A woman using her words, wit and wisdom to change her world

››A woman who knows how to close sales, while opening hearts

››A woman with a simple-yet-powerful message in her bones

››A woman who’s (finally) stopped hiding from her whole truth



Unscripted, unedited + (finally) UNIGNORABLE

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Hey Changemaker:

I’m Anne-Sophie Dumetz, the founder of  She’s a Changemakertm, big-hearted story magician, and what I do is help women become unignorable to the people whose life they’re meant to change.

It’s all about spreading love, speaking up, making sales and changing lives with their most unignorable message.

She’s a Changemaker™ is about helping women with fierce hearts but silenced voices get real + raw about their true message, own their full stories + communicate their work to the world with confidence.


Here’s the TRUTH:

Most changemakers have always known they were meant for more. They’ve carried stories deep inside them for decades—sometimes lifetimes.

But they’ve silenced themselves in one way or another.

: Maybe they’ve trapped their actual voices with pre-scripted templates and sexy marketing.

: Maybe they’ve started a socially-acceptable business that makes sales, but doesn’t make their heart sing.

: Maybe they play it safe, sharing mass-produced (and mediocre) messages and watered-down “stories” because, well, sharing the truth just feels too damn risky.

But no matter what, the result is the same:

:They attract the wrong people (and a calendar full of people they don’t really wanna work with).

:They struggle to close sales.

:And they lose their mojo, get down on themselves and threaten to throw in the towel for good.

That WAS my story. 

And I remember how scary, frustrating, and stressful it felt to have a dream, but feel it’s not working out.

Here’s what’s I learned:

When your message is off…

… your words MISS THE PEOPLE whose lives you’re meant to change
….and YOU end up missing out on the business, impact and FREEDOM that’s always been meant for you, and only you.

But here’s my secret: I only know this because I’ve been there (and I mean that in the most honest, sincere way).

And I’m talking literally.

Staying mum when classmates asked me simple questions, (like being frozen solid, unable to answer a classmate who wanted a… tissue) feeling envious of the “happy life” my schoolmate bullies enjoyed and living in the past or the future, constantly daydreaming about escaping my reality. (Growing up, I was shy, awkward-as-hell and had epic low confidence. From daddy issues to bullying, you name it, it happened.)


I didn’t trust my heart or soul, never spoke my desires and ended up paying the price.

My habitual state became one of holding back (even when it hurt like hell), silencing myself and keeping the loudspeaker as far away from my (screaming) soul as possible.

And even as I got older (and wiser – #personaldevelopmentjunkie), I continued to silence myself and ignore the heck out of my deepest desires and that twinge for something different…for decades.

I took the great-on-paper communications career even though it left a part of my soul wildy unfulfilled (spoiler alert: I did end up leaving the job…eventually).


I launched businesses that followed all the rules; fit perfectly into all the boxes and yet, never felt quite right (because they weren’t for ME).

I was tempted by the sexy scripts (and even followed a few). I wrote the “meh” messages (with some buried gems trapped in templates). And I played it safe for safety’s sake.


I had many mini-panic attacks over the fact that I didn’t want my daughter to see me building the wrong dream (which I can thankfully say now she will never.)

It took me a long time (and a severe concussion – no really!) to realize everything I was experiencing was all tied back to my fear of letting my voice – my message – be heard.

So yes, I’ve been there.

And that’s exactly WHY She’s a Changemaker exists:

To FREE MY REAL VOICE and the VOICES OF ALL WOMEN who, at some point, decided it wasn’t SAFE for them to be SEEN and HEARD.

I believe every time a woman loves herself enough to trust her heart and put into words what she feels, she’s impacting herself in the best way AND being a great role model for every daughter (and everyone) around her.

And I believe when a woman entrepreneur feels safe and confident to share the true depth of their story – that’s when she can really start to rock the world with her work – spreading love, changing lives – and yes, making sales.

Grab your Become Unignorable Playbook Now

Today, I teach confidence and skills for media or podcast interviews.

I help women find their changemaker story and trust themselves enough o they can ditch the scripts.

And I help them put words to their stories, and see the connections between their life, work, and the people they’re here to change.

But I do it all for one reason: so they can FREE THEIR VOICES and BE THE CHANGE(maker).


No, it’s not a super sexy marketing story (do sexy marketing stories talk about childhood trauma?).

It’s not glossy.

But it’s the truth. It’s human. And it’s the fire that lights my soul daily.

So tell me: What is YOUR changemaker story?

»What is the root of YOUR passion and motivation?

»What is YOUR realest reason for being in business?

»Why do YOU give such a giant FUCK about what you do, and your clients, that you chose to abandon every other way to make money to pursue this one?

And  – perhaps the most important question of all – are ready to stop HIDING IT?


It’s time for us to change the world, one heart (and voice) at a time.

Our way.

Let’s do this.





After leaving a pretty-on-paper communications career, Anne-Sophie Dumetz founded She’s a Changemaker, a platform and community for female entrepreneurs who feel called to change the world doing their soul’s work.

Since then, she’s worked as a visibility strategist, message maven and professional bullshit slayer helping hundreds of women tap into the power of their own story and voice to create a message that connects with their destined clients so they can spread love, make sales and change lives in a major way.

Drawing from her background in Women’s Studies, Journalism and traditional media, Anne-Sophie’s clients rave about her breath-of-fresh air presence, real and raw clarity-inducing intuitive insights, incredible business savvy and her natural ability to “see” – and communicate – things most people can’t.

If you’re a woman ready to become unignorable to the people whose lives she’s meant to change, join heg global tribe of changemakers at


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: I love Cabernet Sauvignon, Lindt Fleur de Sel Chocolate and everything licorice (FYI in case you want to send presents ;))

: I learned English as a teen living in Barbados. (I also speak Spanish and taught 1st grade in Honduras in my early 20s. To call me a lover of language is probably pretty accurate.)

: Speaking of language, I make up new words pretty much on the daily by melding words and ideas together. (and I love every second of it) Ambisextrous should totally be a legit word.

: I’m Canadian (but with parents from the land of baguette and cheese — France). Just call me a child of the world!

: I had a concussion that changed me and a burnout that awakened me (both of which you’ll learn more about if you stick around. Check out my article, Best.Concussion.Ever  in !nspire Mag here. )

: Getting crafty is my fave leisure activity and you’ll usually find me whipping up either handmade jewellery or wildly bright and delicious artwork. My entrepreneur journey started with selling art and jewellery. But today, I funnel my creative ideas into this business, to better serve changemakers.

:I’ve (always) been called wise beyond my years. 😉

: I like to play. Basically, this is my life, and I’m GAME to live it FULL OUT. 🙂

Love Notes

I found clarity on
“what I want to be when I grow up,”.
.. I have exciting goals that
make this a REALITY!

Her Content os absolutely inspired,
compelling & kick-ass-make-a-difference...

such a pleasure and revealed exactly what I need to do next in my life and business


Anne-Sophie helps you fast-forward your dreams
into reality in a playful, fun, no-bullshit way!


[her] coaching has empowered me… I’m more present, grateful, and focused than I’ve been in a long, long time

such a wonderful mirror… helped me through some difficult life-path questions…
genuinely cares about your success!

full of positive and infectious energy...
a creative spirit who practices what she preaches


helped me to better use my limited energy and tackle new challenges with humour,  focus, and flexibility!