So, can you really become great by getting great at being good? Great question….

Every week, we go through moments when we look back at our day, and forward at the next one and just hope to make ‘it’ a ‘Great One’. On Friday nights, we hope for a Great weekend. And Sunday nights, we plan for a ‘Great’ week. At the end of each month or year, we hope the coming one will be ‘Great’.

The truth is, we all want to become Great and live the ‘Great Life’. But all too often we stop and become happy enough once we reach ‘Good’. Those few extra steps from Good to Great are challenging, because ‘Good’ can feel so cosy, warm and snuggly.

And then we get stuck, because we’re happy in the good enough, happy enough phase of life. Like this job’s good enough. This schedule’s good enough. I’m good enough with my friends. I’m a good enough parent. My sex life is good enough. I’m happy…enough.

Good Enough & Happy enough
IS NOT Great or Happy.

And the mind fuck is this:

To get to Great, we have to learn to love our Good and get damn great at being damn good.

Say what? Let’s wrap our heads around this one so we can finally take those few, essential steps, to move into very our own version of Greatness: As I’ve lived it, this means learning to have one comfortable foot in the future while totally loving exactly what’s in your life today. Including the extra 15 lbs., the taxiing of children to activities, the late-night grocery trips or the looming business deadlines.

It means being enough as you are today, and still wanting more for yourself, simultaneously. And that’s the hard part. When you’re Great at Good, you still LOVE yourself when:

  • You’re ignoring the long-ass to-do list so you can have a dance party with your kids.
  • You’re feeling tired because of the shorter-than-you-wished nights.
  • You gave in to chocolate when you really wanted green juice.
  • You snapped and found a way to smooth things out.
  • You didn’t get it ‘all’ done and you can still smile, in spite of it all.

Yes, when you’re Great at Good and have a shitty day, you know you’re totally enough just as you are. You’re open-hearted enough to love all bright and dark piece of yourself, just as you are, in that moment. Especially in that moment. Because we all have those moments.

On those days, we have to ignore the ‘Should Do’ list and throw LOVE at our problems: Just LOVE that we’re having this day, being this version of ourselves, and still feel excited about the awesomer person we’re in the process of becoming.(Remember, Life is a journey, not a destination.)

To get Great at Good & Great, we must learn the Paradox of being in love with who we are today while being in lust with a future version of ourselves who’s greater than now and has fulfilled more potential. As I’ve lived it, the uncomfortably painful alternative, the one when we ignore pieces of ourselves, gives Life Wedgies. (If you don’t yet know what I mean, then you must read this to find out about the giant wedgies life gave me when I was playing a smaller game than now.)

This is the real-time recipe how wanting more and being enough can play out:

  1. I want more: I want to fulfil more of my potential fulfilled, while still feeling full of life. I know I can be more kick ass. I don’t want to burn out. I’m not there yet.
  2. I am enough: Although I want more, I am enough to satisfy myself right now. I know I’m not perfect and I’m perfectly OK with that. I can get to more, but I am perfect for today.
  3. I’m afraid and I love it: I’m afraid, but I’m going to live it anyway. My desire for my More is greater than my fear.

To sum it up, you have to:


In essence, we have to get Great at feeling into who we are becoming while still beckoning our new awesomer Self. And let go of any fear, resentment or anger about where we are today. It’s about Love for now, yesterday and tomorrow.

To become your Greatest Self you must be GREAT at
being GOOD and learn to let go of your SHOULDS & WOULDS & be 
OK with WHAT IS.

Because Living in the Future Perfect tense means you have both feet, your heart and your soul anchored in the present, while seeing your future:

  • It’s like getting a new wardrobe for the person we’re becoming.
  • And feeling just how great we feel as that person.
  • Or just getting a new upgraded attitude about current circumstances.
  • And learning to shed some baggage along the way.
  • Dropping resentment and welcoming excitement.
  • Shedding anger and welcoming love.
  • Embracing Fears and Seeing the adventure.

Can life be so simple?

I like to think so. Sometimes, being a human being is more than half the battle.

Let me know what you think: How are you becoming the greater version of yourself? Do you think you can become great by getting great at being good? 

Thanks to Flick’s lindsaynemeth for the great picture.

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