Oh, Bloody Somedays!

You know the ones:

  • Someday, I’m going to be rich, happy, healthy and free.
  • Someday, I’m going to move to live by water and live on the beach.
  • Someday, I’ll have travel around the world.
  • Someday, I’ll hit the gym and have a six pack.
  • Someday, I’ll apologize to a friend I hurt years ago.
  • Someday, I’ll be free to do what I want, even when I’m busy
  • Someday, I’ll ______________….. Add your own.

Yes, I’m sure you have a case of the Somedays in some way shape or form, too. You’ve probably heard about this idea, and still, you still have an epic list of somedays in your life. Heck, I know I do! Even when I remember this short and powerful idea:


Well, I’m now en-route to take down a bunch of my own somedays and turn them into todays. In a few weeks, I’ll be moving 4,000 km to Kelowna, BC, in an effort to move to a community that’s closer to nature (mountains and giant lake, anyone), offers great weather (cycling year-round to keep my buns healthy), and has a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs.

However, Brad and I have talked about someday moving by water and living an adventure with the kids. To keep us all growing. We had hundreds of reasons for not moving. But we believe in the power of change and in teaching our children by example that they too can be empowered, free and in full ownership their decisions.

We’re big fans of showing our kids daily how live without having a dire case of the somedays.

Aren’t you scared ?

When it comes to the Somedays list, there are million reasons to be scared. We have lots of reasons for putting off things we care about. And usually it’s because we’re afraid. Right?

But shitting your pants about how to turn a Someday item into a To Do Today item won’t help you turn that dream into a juicy plan. Nope.

What I know is this:

Even if you don’t know what’s ahead, even if you’re afraid, even if you feel alone: If you have a case of the somedays and a little voice inside calling out make a change and create a new TO DO & TO BE, then it’s time to take a listen to that inner wisdom screaming: Hells Yeah! Go for it!

Because heading that voice is truly the only we’ll ever get to live our somedays, some day.

….I’m Curious: What are you going to turn from a Someday item into a To Do and To Be item on your life’s list? What will your life look like once you do? What’s holding you back? 

Leave your answers below and let’s talk about it.

PS: There’s only one way to move past the somedays. It starts with an honest look at what’s keeping you where you are, and finding out where you’re going. Freedom starts with the choice to be Free. Get started right now with a Game-Changing Parent Discovery Session.

PPS: I know that this post title is a play on Bloody Sunday, a tragic event in Ireland, that was popularized by  U2 in a song of the same name. This post title is more about mixing Bloody Hell! to the Somedays ideas. It’s in no way trivializing the awful event that happened back in the 70s.

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