Today, I’m working alone and I’m feeling hot and seductive.

On the sched: receipts, taxes and spreadsheets from the home office.

YAWN. I know. Especially for the ‘Artiste!’ in me who just wants to re-invent the world.

But it’s gotta be done and I have to do it. So the question is:

How can I feel good while doing something I usually hate?

Great question. Here’s what I decided to do about it (and what you can do, too), in 5 easy steps:

Feeling HOT in my new Red 50s Dress!

1. Put on a HOT RED DRESS.

2. Take moments to look down and appreciate myself. Bonus, Inner voice chimes in: “Dang, Looking good!”

3. Soak in the Good Vibes: When I receive those happy thoughts, my body feels happier and creates happy hormones. That makes me feel more relaxed, ready to tackle anything. Yes, even my corporate taxes! Feeling happier, groovier and sexier.

4. Tackle something that’s usually meh. Observe that when you feel good first, it’s more fun to do! (whoa, coolest hack ever)

5. Repeat the feeling great part: Whenever doubt strikes, remember to look down, feel good and say “Hey, Darlin’, I love ya!”

You think this is crazy talk?Β 

Fine. Look at your to-do list. Pick your task that feels the most MEH to you. Schedule it for after you go put on something great and start to feel sexy and seduced by your awesome self.


You may noticed that:

1. Even on a ‘meh’ day, wearing something you feel delicious in turns you into your very own eye-candy.

2. You feel more energized and ready to take on your Meh-est of tasks

3. You work faster! So you can enjoy the rest of the day better.

Enjoy & Repeat often. And let me know how you tried this by sharing in the comments!

xo Anne-Sophie


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