Receiving is the overlooked friend of manifesting aka getting what you want and ask for.

I used to suck at receiving. Like super suck. Super woman kinda suck.

I’d brush off kind words, turn away help, feel attention I received from men (or women) was not deserved and brushe it off. I ignored gifts. Yup, I sucked!

Why? I couldn’t ask for help because “I was a brave, bold modern driven, confident self-sufficient woman.”

Classic superwoman. ????

Sounds familiar?

When help or kindness was extended, I thought I didn’t need it.

“I’ve got it, I’m good” – then my fav catch phrases…

(Then proceeds to take on wayyyy too much and wayyy overgive and crash. )

Truth is, I had yet to develop the superpower of RECEIVING.

I couldn’t accept anything without feeling it was not deserved.

I was either too shy, awkward, or self-conscious to be able to say “yes, thank you! I’d love that. That’s so kind.”

I know I’m not alone here!!!

And I was stuck there for a loooooong time.

Yet all I did by turning help of kindness away was deny myself and the giver joy to be in an exchange that is perfectly natural in humans:

Creating CONNECTION via giving and receiving.

Pretty logical, but my “superwoman” brain didn’t see it. ☹️

Three months ago, I started to be attention to how well I receive all kinds of things – everything from kindness to attention to flirts and gifts. Paying attention to that has allowed me to give better and receive better too.

Last month, as I got very clear on what I wanted and became amazing at receiving, I have received a 2-hr personal organizer gift (what I wanted most for my birthday!), surprise money from someone who cared when I was in deep recovering from my concussion, some pretty awesome clients, have had great help show up in my personal and professional life and today received 2 free coffees, just because!

This feels a lot better and I’m no longer awkward saying “yes, thank you!” And now I’m a better giver too – win win!

So if you have ever acted as a Superwoman, or know someone who has, remind her that she is absolutely awesome, but is NOT superwoman…

and that in fact she is awesome and totally open to receiving all the love, help, money, healthy, joy, peace fun and happiness she wants and deserves.

I’ll have more of that, thank you.

THIS is how we start to change our world!

xo Anne-Sophie Dumetz
(C)2015 –

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