[pilotpress_field name=’First Name’]: Have you ever gone from feeling confused to suddenly having an a-ha that’s completely life changing?

It’s intoxicating. Clarity is intoxicating!

But the road TO clarity can be quite bumpy….

What I’m sensing and feeling is that many of the people in my community are feeling called to do more and more in their lives… but it’s been challenging for the most ambitious, big hearted among us to be able to ‘do it all’ AND feel good.

It shows up as saying yes to too much and forgetting to please yourself. To feeling heroic but then crashing. And to seeing time ‘fly by’ but not feeling further ahead in life.

What I’ve experienced in the last month has been incredibly powerful: And because I always teach what I need to learn, I’m sharing the lessons right away when they’re fresh.

In this call, I share some of the breakdowns and breakthroughs I’ve experienced in one of the most powerful months of my life. From being reminded to say no to others to make room for a yes to myself, this short and powerful call will remind you of how to really show up even if life can feel challenging…. and why it’s so important for everyone in your life.

Short + powerful: LISTEN HERE

And leave your comments below.

xo Anne-Sophie

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PPS: Here’s the prayer/wish I shared on the call:

This is what I wish for you.

May you have the strength to show your weaknesses, so we can see your courage and be inspired by it.

May you crack through your darkness, so your light can shine.

May you remember that you’re not alone: that people the world over are living exactly what you’re living, too.

May you see that your only fear is the fear of feeling your feelings.

May you find more freedom in feeling what you’ve resisted: we want to see all of you shine.

May you remember that the gift of feeling lost is that you can find the power to come home to your most powerful self.

May you find joy and happiness in the mundane and every day.

May you see the beauty of your breath, that magically fills you with life each day.

So you can live your everything.

So you can love everything you’ve avoided. So you can feel whole again and be you.

May you remember to be grateful for what you do have: 5 senses, a beating heart and the possibility to grow through this moment into something that’s greater than what you can see.

May you have the guts to be real, so we can be illuminated by your truth.

May you be happy.
May you feel safe.
May you be strong.
May you feel loved.
May you live with the ease you desire.

You’ve got this.

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