As I move forward, with newly found strength (phew!), I’m focusing on the work I’m really and truly meant to share with the world: Helping mommies and daddies to create freedom in all aspects of their life. Fully birthing the movement for parents to become game-changing in our world.

My heart is set on seeing more and more parents do whatever it takes
to grow into the people they’d love to see their children become.

As an act of LOVE for their children. To show them the way.

Freedom is a BIG and complex.  It’s scary and exciting

When we choose choice, we choose freedom.

Freedom starts with the choice to be free.

And that’s just how I feel now. Free to become who I am and who I’m meant to be.

The juiciest place to be when Stepping into the Power and Letting CHANGE embrace me.

The Changes in My Business are on their way, too.

As I grow Beautifuller, my business, I’m committing to focus on helping you build your own freedom as mommies and daddies. As parents with beautiful hearts and dreams that need to be realized just as much as your children’s

Building happiness and freedom is like giving your happiness and family a huge booster shot, to prevent what you don’t want to happen, to happen. And to increase the possibilities that what you want to happen, will happen.

Building freedom = Boosting happiness = happier parents + children =  Happier world.

I’m still committed to seeing you play big while raising little ones. In fact, I’m committed to seeing millions of families embrace that attitude.

I want to see you do your soul’s work, starting in your heart and home.

Embracing the change that’s required to build and grow our own freedom is step 1 of becoming what I call a Game-Changing ParentTM.

Game-Changing ParentsTM are moms and dads who embrace their truth, purpose and freedom, create their life’s possibilities, and become the grown-ups they’d love to see their children be when they grow up.

I’ve been told 100 times that everything I’ve done has been inspiring.  But inspiring isn’t enough for me: I want to see transformation and lives improved all around me.

Every child deserves a really happy, joyful, fulfilled parent. That’s the path to a happier world for us all.

I’m now ready to move from thinking about doing, to doing.

It’s scary and exciting. A great place to be.

Since I’m shaking things up, I’m going to help you jump into the unknown with a series on CHANGE, specially designed for parents.

Be ready to learn about embracing change, leveraging it, loving it, and growing it to you can win in your whole life.

PS: Bottom line: If you’re looking for a Freedom-Focused Intuitive Coach, a Possibilitarion who can help you see and create the possibilities in your life so you too can move from busy and empty to full and joyful, I’m your secret weapon. I work with moms and dads who have young children and big dreams. We help make the dreams come true before your kids are grown ups.

Start with a Private Become a Game-Changing ParentTMFreedom Session to learn the 5 keys of becoming a Game-Changing ParentTM and the #1 thing you need to do to start your journey to more ease and joy as a freedom-focused parent.


Anne-Sophie Dumetz is fiercely committed to helping moms and dads of young children move from feeling busy and empty to full and joyful. As a Possibilitarian and Freedom-Focused Intuitive Coach, she helps parents become Game-Changing ParentsTM , who are leading the way to a healthier, happier world by example, one heart and home at a time. If you’re a mom (or dad ) who’s feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and under-appreciated, Anne-Sophie can help you find more success and freedom in all aspects of your life, and help you become the grown-up you’d love to see their children be. Anne-Sophie’s clients love her crisp clarity, intuitive insights, and grounded solutions that give kids the parents they deserve and their parents the life they crave, sooner than later. Find out more about Anne-Sophie at

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