In the summer of 2003, a massive fire threatened Kelowna. For weeks, the fire raged, threatening homes.

239 homes were lost. 25,000 hectares (250 squared kilometres) burned. Some 30,000 people were evacuated.

And miraculously, no lives were lost.

Charred trees still stand on city’s surrounding hills, a reminder of this ‘once-in-a-hundred-year inferno’ that spat fireballs up so high you could see them clearly from the city’s centre.

The City of Kelowna threatened by fire, 2003 - Source:

The Great Kelowna Fire, 2003 – one of Canada’s worst natural disasters in the last century.

They remember the change to the landscape, the threat to what they knew. They remembered the solidarity that changed and saved lives.

The strength of that fire sparked locals to find their inner strength.


When Brad and I rolled in to Kelowna in early spring of 2014, I felt a fire in my soul from the change I had sparked in my life.

We’d left the comfort of home to walk into the unknown. It felt exciting—much like seeing a big blaze—but also strangely unfamiliar and dangerous.

How would I be able to love this fire I’d sparked? Was it the right decision to leave people I loved, my mom, my siblings and friends, to move into the unknown embers of hope and trust?

To tell you the truth, when I got to Kelowna I felt a piece of me was missing… Left somewhere on the 4,200 km journey West.

Our moving truck was AWOL, and so was my soul. I’d lost something along the way. It had burnt quietly in that fire I’d sparked. Like Kelowna in 2003, I didn’t see the fire coming.

Secretly, I wanted to hide in this winter of my soul.  The ground was nowhere to be seen. It was very lonely and scary for a while.

Epic shifts had happened from day one, and even before we left.

Moving is very Moving: it moves BODY, SPIRIT & SOUL. 
Moving transformed my relationships and my business. 

As in any fire, it took a while for the ground to be ready to welcome growth again.

But I kept going. I got up every day and found reasons to smile. From my toes tickling the sand at the nearby beach, to planting kisses on my children’s happy mugs.

I was here now and turning around was not an option. I had to take the necessary steps to lead my life as a mom, woman, and business leader with truth, honesty, integrity, and joy.

Day by day, a bit more of me showed up. Stacking my life with daily moments of happiness added peace and eventually quieted the fire.

Somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that…

The choice to spark a fire of change and walk through it
is creating the possibility to become who I’m meant to be.

Even if it was hard, the fire was a good thing in my life. It purged and cleansed.

As in any birth, there’s some pain involved.

While this isn’t a travel blog, I want to give you the essence of what shifted and how it’s shining a light on my future.

My hope is that this can help you shine a light on yours, too, because every day with children is filled with change.

The Personal Revolution of Choosing Choice


We knew moving would create all kinds of logistical and personal challenges. But despite it all, we saw the greater good for our family, so off we went. (To read about the choice, Brad’s blog post explains it well)

We chose to choose

A very unusual thing, based on all the adults who say, “Huh, you can do that?”

We didn’t move because of a job transfer or one of the typical reasons you hear. We moved because we craved change.  Because it felt right for our soul, our businesses, and life.

We knew choosing to move—to create change—would bring the possibilities we needed.

It was hard and we’re still finding the ground today, a few months in. It was a risky move with no real guarantees.

The expected challenges showed up, and then the fire showed up in our lives. 

And yes, we had some sparks.

We had to look at where we could still grow as people and as parents.

At first, I was a fiery mess. I had to make an effort to get stronger each day. Which meant recognizing my weaknesses and where my heart burned. I was sad to leave home.

I sobbed and cried big crocodile tears when i said goodbye to my mom at the kelowna airport—sending her home to Ottawa when I had to stay here.

When my mom left Kelowna (she was here for our first two weeks), I sobbed in her neck the way I had as a little girl. I was heartbroken.

The fire brought me to my knees. I was humbled.

I found strength in allowing myself to be vulnerable.

Admitting I was tired. It was ok to feel lost. I accepted the sadness and heartbreak that comes with being so far from my family.  I accepted the fear of starting something new. I gave into the change and stopped resisting its power.

In time, the fire—the power inspired by this move—has grown to fuel me and I feel stronger than ever.

I feel I’ve phoenixed out of my own ashes.  Again.

I feel changed for the greater good.

And in those hot embers of change,
my wintery soul suddenly sparked diamonds.

… (Continue to Be a Firestarter (Part 2): Creating Soul Diamonds to find out what happened next)


Anne-Sophie Dumetz is fiercely committed to helping moms and dads of young children move from feeling busy and empty to full and joyful. As a Possibilitarian and Freedom-Focused Intuitive Coach, she helps parents become Game-Changing ParentsTM , who are leading the way to a healthier, happier world by example, one heart and home at a time. If you’re a mom (or dad ) who’s feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and under-appreciated, Anne-Sophie can help you find more success and freedom in all aspects of your life, and help you become the grown-up you’d love to see their children be. Anne-Sophie’s clients love her crisp clarity, intuitive insights, and grounded solutions that give kids the parents they deserve and their parents the life they crave, sooner than later. Find out more about Anne-Sophie at

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