After stepping on stage to introduce Lisa Nichols (the star of the movie “The Secret”), and then being at the back of the room to sell jewellery, I saw how much jewellery was actually a bright, shiny distraction keeping me small. And, I declared this on social media:

Declaration: I’m letting go of my Jewellery business because it’s keeping me small. 

My daughter helping me at the Jewellery Booth for Lisa Nichols’ event

It’s beautiful, loved, sells well and is lovely to make but ultimately it is a distraction away from what I’m really building in the world: A personal empowerment platform with courses, books, coaching and more for ambitious moms and rad dads.

I want my work to help change the world and it’ll take more than a pair of sparkly earrings.

When I sell Jewellery, I’m playing small.

Because I have a bigger purpose than selling pretty stuff.

I’m here I move people and ignite hearts to find their way home, so they can pay it forward and do amazing things in the world.

Me, TeeJ & Lisa Nichols… Photobombing. I realized after being on stage right before Lisa that I belonged there, not at the back of the room selling jewellery.

Making and selling jewellery is pretty, fun and perfect for someone else but it’s not me being powerfully all of me. This is hard to admit because I love it but it’s not me living on purpose.

So with this I declare that in the most perfect way that can be, I’m letting go of my entire Jewellery business.

By June 15, 2015 at 5:55pm. Why not!

I will sell everything – supplies, designs and all behind the scenes intel – and only keep what brings me True Joy.

So I can still make things for people I love, like My daughter. (isn’t she cute?)

And so, whomever you are who’s supposed to read this Because this old dream of mine tugs at your heart and feels like it’s for you and the person you’re becoming, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

And if my limited edition wares are for you, then write me. It’s a small limited edition collection.

That season of my life is folding.

I’m choosing the freedom to let it go so I can make some even bigger, beautifuller things in my and my kids lives and world.

With the declaration, I’m boldly declaring that I trust in this journey and that I’m ready for more.

… Here’s a short, raw, unedited video with me telling you what’s up…

The jewellery table after a long night! And yes, that’s Lisa Nichols in the background signing books. Lisa LOVED my jewellery and walked away with two sets 🙂

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How to Know If It’s Time To Let Go


  • You feel called to do something that excites you, but scares you.
  • You realized that what you’re thinking of letting go of is distracting your from your real, life-long priorities.
    It might feel like you’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. It’s not an easy fit in your plans
  • You experience a lot of inner resistance whenever you’re doing this thing… it doesn’t just ‘flow’.
  • When you imagine your life after letting go, you see that you’re more true to yourself, more powerful, more able to focus on what brings you true joy.

On that note, if you’ve been holding back in your life, feel there’s something more out there for you and you want some support figuring out what to do, reach out.

You can either email me ( or apply for a Dream Activation Session where we name and clam your desires, and see what you need to let go of so you can build your dreams. Apply here.

And remember to join me for Break Up with Guilt Party!

Some of my feather light jewellery

Some of my handmade jewellery

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