I was once so shy and afraid to speak up that I coudn’t answer simple questions from classmates.

A boy asked me for a tissue in class. I stared, and pretended I didn’t hear him. I was too afraid to speak and be judged. I wanted to disappear. But instead, kids made fun of me.

As a teen, I refused to make restaurant reservations — too scary, I told my mom. Fears still paralized me.

For years, I felt safe only in silence and shadows

Next week, I’m appearing in my first ever LIVE IMPROV COMEDY SHOW.

With an audience. In the spotlight.

No scripts, just confidence and trust that I’ve got this.

And i actually believe that I’ve got this!

Even if you’ve been paralyzed by fear, I’m here to tell you that Change is possible.

Whatever you declared you’d try out this year, get on it!

I jumped in to the improv and as a result get experience a fun, fierce, confident me allllll year!

I have a brand new Improv Soap Opera character, and I can’t wait to debut her on stage this week.

What are you wanting to try that scares you? Declare it here in the comments, and tell me what is the FIRST STEP you’ll take to GO DO IT.

xo Anne-Sophie

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