This is part 2 of Why a Good Wedgie can Change Your Life… Especially if You’re a Parent Who’s Feeling Stuck. This post was about how sometimes life gets you stuck, or gives you ‘wedgies’ to show you when things just don’t fit.

Find your Edge to get out of the Wedgies life gives you.
(thanks to Flickr’s Duncan Hull for this image!)

Your edge isn’t your limit. It’s your beginning.

Remember the first time you leaned out of your comfort zone and spoke to the person who’s now your best friend or life partner? Or the first time you tried something wild or a little out of character? Like these guys with fuzzy chests and bunny ears…

Stepping out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to grow. Have fun with it, like these guys!


Yes, you know that feeling. It’s the one of all your firsts. Like the first time you:

  • Kissed
  • Had Sex
  • Cheated
  • Took the spotlight
  • Saw your child
  • Ate hot sauce
  • Won a bold dare
  • {Insert your own first adventure here}

The rush of adrenaline you get when you’re exploring your edge – wherever that is. It happens because:

Real Growth only Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone.

For me, after much toiling, a burnout that brought me to pieces, and many things I’m happy are now behind me, I made the courageous choice to quit my job security so that I could find my true self  in life (I had an enviable job with the federal government, read about it here). When I quit, a part of me was scared shitless to find out what was going to happen. Somewhere deep inside, I knew that staying in a job to ‘pay the bills’ was actually very expensive. It was costing me my health, my identity, my life, and robbing me of the real impact I could have in my world. The more I fought to stay, the more I was transformed into a lesser version of my true self. I became more of a zombie than I care to admit. But slowly it dawned on me:

“Once you get comfortable with being comfortable, you’re f*cked.”

As my job departure date approached, I found a key to my own self-defined freedom by befriending my fear of leaving my job and my financial comfort zone. I was able to turn my fear into a wee ‘fearlet’ because I realized that this fear was really a piece of self-love that just wanted to keep me safe. Loving this fear allowed me to find true freedom. Because you can:

“Set yourself Free by Learning to Love Your Fear of Change.”

So now, I’m excited to feel new fears because I know they’ll stretch me to grow into the person I’m meant to be. It is challenging to walk through these fears emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. But it’s worth it, especially as I become more of the role model I need to be for my children.

Game-Changing Parent’s Tip of the Week: To become a better parent and person, you have to practice ‘dancing’ outside your comfort zone – your edge. That’s where you’ll find a version of yourself you’re totally excited to meet. That person will help you be more fun and resourceful, especially when parenting, and especially when your kids are pushing your boundaries.

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To get back to our story, what I experienced after I quit this job was a personal revolution. I started to actually curate my life with a filter of total honest, naked truth. I Phoenixed out of my own ashes and regained my spark for life. The truth is, it was a lot harder living a lie than it was feeling free enough to be myself. I know now that I can only make an impact in my world by actually showing up in it. For me this meant leaving behind a big part of my physical comfort zone.  And I’m still tweaking and making changes to keep this growth momentum going… I’ll share more in upcoming posts. What I’ve experienced is this:

Living your own truth is the surest way to be loved for who you are, and not for who you’re not. And as with life or love: 

“As with life and love… True Love can Only Find you once you are *truly* there. So show up in your life already!”

If you’re ready for more, take our challenge today!

Expand your Daily Comfort Zone Challenge:

Here are three ingredients to help yourself and your family to try new things, have more fun and grow together:

Step 1:

Brainstorm of list of 10 things (or more) that feel daring, fun, edgy and that you want to try “just for fun”. Make this a mini-bucket list. This can be an activity, an edgy conversation, a new food, meeting new people, etc.  

Make a Spice Goal! Many thanks to Flickr’s Stephen Brassman for this amazing picture!

Step 2:

Daily Spice adds kick: Take your list and schedule at least one thing per day as a “spice goal”. This will add some of this instant pepper to your daily life.

Step 3: Groups Grow Faster:

Invite friends and family to join you so you can stick to commitments together.

Note:  I don’t know where your comfort zone ends. I’m not encouraging you to do completely crazy-wild-ass things, but you totally can — that’s up to you! Just be safe and respectful of yourself and the people in your life as you try new things.

Step 4: Share, Share, Share!

Use the comments below to share what you’ve done to expand your comfort zone and yourself. What did you learn and how did you grow? How has this helped you if you’re a parent? 

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