This is the journey of the warrior goddess mamma. Who embraces her child’s heart, for herself and her children.

It’s a journey of a lot of big yesssssses and many even bigger noooooos

To say YES to herself deeply and create space by keeping distractions at bay. It takes heart, focus and passion infused in every moment.

It means beating the bloody somedays.

This is my journey now. I’m a few years into it and it takes daily choosing. I’m realigning my whole life to feel totally at home in my own skin and life. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t before, it just means I’m growing into my own skin more and more and choosing more of my life’s circumstances with eyes and heart wide open. Are you with me on this?

Choosing and Living Purposefully. All this, to be a happier mama and woman in my life, with my partner and my children, so I can do more of my soul’s work in my life and world.

During this Week O’ Love, why not amp up the Self-Love and create more of the life we’re madly, deeply falling in love with, every moment of every day. At least, commit to doing one small thing each day to get us there. You with me?

It takes a warrior’s heart: filled with commitment, compassion, truth, resilience and vision.

Are you in to do what it takes to really get home to yourself? 

Let me know your FIRST STEP.

(mine? Choose daily to be kind to myself and give love to those in my life. Yes, you’re included!)

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