‘Hey, you CAN’T do that!’

“There’s no way you’ll ever be able to {insert what you want to do/be here… like get slimmer, be actually happy everyday, be thrilled you had kids all the time, eat healthfully, make lots of money… etc}.

That voice can be a b*tch.

If you’re in the middle of making tweaks to how you live your life, it’s probably showin’ up.

Sucking hope out of you, and telling you to stay small.


In the world of coaching, we call this voice The Saboteur.

As in, that cranky voice that’s constantly b*tchin’ at ya, telling you NOT to change.

Yes, that one.

So how’d ya deal with it?

Really park it so you can move on with your life and become a greater, happier, free-er version of you?

Yes, I know you’re busy, so that’s why I made you an easy-peasy 10-minute audio to listen to, with an exercise.

Listen to this audio, and in the comments below, tells us: Who is your saboteur? What’s he/she/it saying most of the time? What will your life feel once it’s gone?

Step 1: Listen. Tune in –  What’s your saboteur saying?

Step 2: Write.Jot down how your life will feel once it’s gone

Step 3: Thank. Acknowledge and thank.

For me, my saboteur says “I’m not organized and focused enough to be successful”. It’s a b*tch. But thankfully, I’m politely showing it the door so I can move on and create the life I want to have.

YOUR TURN! Remember to leave a comment below!

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