WOAH! you just AWESOMED all over the place!

With kids, work, play time and only seven days in a week, we need to have a good dose of Hocus Focus on the things that are right for us (not just the “right things”).

If you recall from the previous Simplify article, we were channeling our inner Bob Marley and reminding ourselves that we can be loved even if we stand up and speak for ourselves, while keeping life simple and uncomplicated. Life can get complicated and life’s plans can get f**ed up, but by simplifying and amplifying our lives we can find the time and space needed to feel good about everything to do with ourselves, our families and the spaces we inhabit.

In continuing with last’ weeks intention, our mission this week is to turn up the volume on the things you LOVE; the things that make you feel good and want MORE of. Last week you made space for them, this week you’re going to amplify them!


AMPLIFY: Gimme More!

Day 1: More you! Take the lead and speak up in a group even it’s a bit scary. And if people interrupt, rev up your passion and keep speaking (Yesss!).

Day 2: More awesomeness… Practice assertiveness. Call someone you want to see and book a date (no asking, “When are you free?” Just suggest something!).

Day 3: Do something silly. Hang drawings on a tree. Do a bubble flash mob. And do it because you can!

Start a Bubble Flash Mob! It’ll help your feel good & you’ll be ‘awesomer’ 🙂

Day 4: More Energy. Crank the tunes. Sing loudly. Dance. Move energy. Bonus points: Grab a partner!

Me made “beautifuller” with doodles.

Day 5: More Happiness: Smile and connect with a stranger. Just say hello, smile, be kind; human connected. All we need is love and often a loving smile is enough to make someone’s day (it may just make yours too!).

Day 6: More Fun: Doodle on someone. Grab eyeliner and use your child, yourself or your friend as a canvas. Just have fun! Here’s mine —>

Day 7:  More Gratitude: Celebrate the hell out of everything new you’ve done this week. And Celebrate someone you love. Send them a Gratitude Bomb, filled with goodness and love.

After just two weeks of simplifying and amplifying your life, you should have a better idea of what you need to do to not only make room for a simpler life, but also to amplify the things in your life that you love! Now it’s time to extend the past two weeks into a lifetime of awesome! And if you ever start to feel life going to shit again, Hocus Focus on life’s priorities one more time.

Celebrate what you’ve done in the comments below or on Facebook and tell us why it was worth it.

(Thanks to Flickr’s Pedrosek for the Bubble image!)

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