Too often I see awesome moms, dads, or business owners with a busy life, losing track of what matters. Focusing on the “To-Dos” of the days, and skipping over the magic.

The bottom line is, it’s not about YOU. When your kids throws a fit, it’s not about you. When you’re too afraid to call a friend because it’s been too long. It’s not about YOU. When your better half asks for more of your time, it’s not about YOU.

What it’s about is how you show up in their life. How you become a supporting loving partner and friend to people you LOVE. I used to be too busy for love. I missed the magical moments. I was too busy for lasting hugs, and long kisses. But no more. Now, I create those moments in my life and add more magic. I give my son 14 squeezes at a time, because that’s how high he can count. I reach out to friends when they’re in my heart.

How could your life change if instead of saying, “I’m too {insert busy, tired, afraid, etc.} you instead thought of how life would be if you made each moment about the people in your life?

What would happen if you turned to your child who’s excited about a popsicle and really took time to eat it with her? What if you gave hugs that are longer and more lusciously memorable than the last? Or always give kisses to remember? How would giving more of YOU change you? Would you be more nourished? Fulfilled?

This week, we challenge you to our latest #TuesdayTip: Give the world the best of you and see how your life will change.
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