If I say, “Ask and you shall receive,” what’s your first thought?

For a bunch of you, it may be “Yeah, Right.”

Like any good parent, you’ve probably asked every day for more time, freedom, support or simply ‘two minutes just for yourself’.

And you’ve maybe tried affirmations, like all the self-help books suggest. Something like:

I have all the time, freedom and help I need with my kids and I know I can always enjoy two minutes to myself, feeling happy and connected to my true self and purpose.” {!}

And a happy piece of you believes that affirmation fully.

But then a staunch, stubborn voice in your mind pipes up:

Shut the Front Door! That’s Bullshit. You’re totally deluding yourself. Liar. Liar Liar.”

Yup, I’ve been there too. It’s a merry-go-round of hope, affirmations, status quo and back again.

We hop on, go for a spin, and then wonder:

“Why does nothing ever change? Why can’t I ever get what I want?”

(What’s this nasty habit so many of us have asking questions we don’t want to answer anyway?

Don’t answer that. Let’s ask a better question instead:)

How can some parents get it all done and keep it together without losing themselves or their mind?

Lots of reasons actually. But one of the first steps is to learn the power of your own mind, and to become awesome as at Mind Hacking. Not your kids’ minds. Your own mind. This is not about manipulating others!



Heck, even YOU started as a simple thought – some version of ‘Lets have fun or make a baby’.  And now you’re a full-blown, complex and amazing being.

Thoughts sprout words and actions that give you results. It’s that simple.

Thoughts grow in the garden that is your head. And their quality is directly related to how well you fertilize your mental garden.

And while an earthly soil is well fertilized with some sort of poop, like worm poop, your head’s ecosystem can’t sprout healthy thoughts and habits in your life when it’s fed with crap.

What’s mind crap? It’s that same stern voice that is self-defeating. The sneaky ‘No-You-Can’t rebuttals’ to all your affirmations. It’s the mental punches you throw yourself when all you need is a supportive hug to lift you back up.

And all-too-often that self-talk is just the mirror of the world we live in, obsessed with bad news and bringing others down (think of all the celebrity trash mags out there).

So to create something you want (like a peaceful household, or a zero-bullshit, action-taking attitude to creating the quality of life you want), the typical formula suggested in the personal development world is to:

1) Envision (More time to breathe today)
2) Shape a Constructive thought to build this vision (I see myself having more time relaxing today)
3) Express said thought (Today, I am taking time to relax)
4) Take the first step (Schedule it)

Bulletproof, right?

Nope. Because that sneaky bastard of a voice, the inner critic, is still beakin’ off.

And this is WHY you need a mind hack. A hack that is so simple and perfect that you can use it, right now, and change every though that’s every screwed your over. 


And all this is why I am officially quitting the nasty habit of affirmations (there, I said it).

To date, I have over 15 years of expertise and practice of intentional communications techniques. I have a used many affirmations. Sure, I’ll still speak positively and constructively, but I will never again affirm to create another thing I crave. 

Because it doesn’t work.  I know, I’ve tried. You’ve tried it too.

In the late 1990s, Noah St. John realized this fact, created a simple and super effective system that shows how to ask questions so that your mind just looks for the answers. He called this, Afformations® (open video in a new tab)

Why? Because the mind loves a good question. In fact, it loves it so much it can’t help but to look for the answer to any question.

It’s just a weird mind quirk psychologists use a big word to describe. Don’t take my word for it, though. Take Noah’s, who’s probably the man who holds the world record to asking good questions:  

In the late 1990s, Noah St. John realized this fact, created a simple and super effective system that shows how to ask questions so that your mind just looks for the answers. He called this, Afformations®.

Rather than of rebutting your affirmations, your mind is working on how it can create your afformations®, those simple questions formed with what you want.

When I spoke to Noah, he was so kind and generous, sharing his discovery and insights. And we discussed how we can use afformations® to help us create a fuller life as Game-Changing Parents, and be ourselves more fully every day. Here’s the video (be sure to look below for a golden nugget and resources for you)

Golden Nugget:

You can afform in sequence! That means that if you’re looking for a job where you’ll both live your purpose and prosper, but you now feel lost, you can start by asking afformations such as “Why is it so easy for me to find my purpose”. Then, after you’ve done your purpose work, you can move to “Why is it so easy to find my ideal job”. (BTW, I can help you bring those afformations to life. Just contact me.)

I won’t leave you hanging. It takes habits and rituals to succeed over time. Here are Noah’s tools, which I totally believe in and endorse. 

Hope you enjoy!



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PS: I am partnering with Noah as an affiliate to help spread his work because I believe in it. If you purchase something from Noah here, he’ll thank me by sharing a percentage of his sale.

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