It always seems impossible until it’s done.
–Random acts of Freedom found on Ottawa streets this morning, the day after Nelson Mandela passed away.

Nelson Mandela showed us we’ll only live of all our life’s possibilities — our Abundance — once we truly try.

In Nelson Mandela’s honour, let’s all do one thing to expand your own sense of Freedom, daily:

  • Today, I choose to believe, create and live all my possibilities. 
  • I choose to Let go of fears, self-imposed doubts and self-hatred and let myself be everything I can be.
  • And I choose to create waves of Hope, Freedom and Good in my world daily.

Today, Nelson Mandela  lives on in my heart as a beacon of Hope. He was a real-life hero who showed us all how to embrace a vision, despite any fears and doubts, and create it anyway. He was a true leader.

I’m deeply moved by his passing. And by the fact that people see him as unique. He was — and so are we all.

My hope is that Nelson Mandela’s life will inspire more of us
to become the vision of Hope and Freedom we hold for our world.

Nelson Mandela never called himself a prophet. He was just serving his vision and the people. He showed us that it all can become possible if only we try. It won’t always be easy. But in the end, it is worthwhile to live and explore our human spirit. Otherwise, we’ll never know if it could’ve been true.

Through his life, he was an example who showed us all that it is worthwhile to live and share our core human values of love, respect, equality, forgiveness and gratitude. No matter what.

Nelson Mandela showed us it is worthwhile to do
everything we can to embody our human potential of
Hope and Freedom and Inspire the world by Who We Are.

We all have the Power of One within us.

Today, let’s all honour Nelson Mandela by finding and embracing our very own Power of One.

Let’s find our own special way to be the change we want for our world. And our kids’ world. To bring the hope and vision that lives inside us into our world. As parents, neighbours, business owners, friends. As Freedom Fighters. We can all get better at being good, every single day. We can commit to Raise Freedom for ourselves and our children. If only we try.

And then, just like he has, maybe we can change the world in some way and inspire others to do the same…

Make life count for when we’re gone it’s all that’s left to remember us by.

Nelson, thank you for making your life count.

RIP Nelson Mandela.

With Love,

PS: If you are moved by these word, this eulogy of sorts to Nelson Mandela’s spirit, then take a moment
to share in the comments below what you’ll do to create more freedom in your life and world.


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