Have you every wanted to change your life?
S.O.S.!! I need help? 
Today, we’re looking at how your ‘THOUGHT S.O.S., or ‘Thought Sauce’, can impact your life… and how you can take control of it to CREATE what you desire. Yeah, baby!
IN this thought sauce lesson, we’ll look at how your thoughts, beliefs and desires work together to help you CREATE the life and world you want. Manifesting your reality.
Ready? Go.

Thoughts 101:

Thoughts are a things your mind creates to make sense of the world. They’re broadcast by your mind.
Your mind acts like a radio station, and thoughts like the frequencies aired on it. They’re your own personal FM station. Cool.
Problem comes when you don’t like what your personal ‘radio station plays. And suddenly, there’s a lot of static: White noise, irritating chatter, and  self-destructive thoughts that ruin your day. 

Suddenly, your mental station is cluttered with shoulds, coulds, woulds and complaints that ruin the vibe of your day!

THE CHALLENGE:  Tune into your personal station, and pick out the STATIC, so you can remove it and improve your life.


YES! If you’re willing.


Now your mental FM station is set by your beliefs — about yourself, your world and the people around you. 

If you believe nothing is ever working out the way it should, if you believe tomorrow will bring another set of problems, and life isn’t measuring up you’ll find that your thoughts will mirror these beliefs and you’ll find yourself listening to a crummy station. Basically, your thoughts will suck, and you’ll feel like crap.

You’ll be tuning in to a station filled with static, unclear voices, and worn out songs.

Full of thoughts and ideas that are self-destructive rather than constructive.

What does this mean? This means you’re not creating the thoughts that will lead to the actions that will create what you really, really want.

That means you can never create what you deeply desire.

This creates an environment where you are always feeling unwell, unsatisfied, and unworthy because all of your focus is on what’s not working.

It also means you’re constantly feeling disconnected from what you desire.

Because what you desire is never showing up in your thoughts.

Instead, you are so focused on what’s not going your way that you forget to envision the way you want things to go.

This is what it must feel like for a classical music fan who’s always tuning in to the hard-core country station. When she lies in bed at night thinking of tomorrow, instead of the soothing sounds of Bach, she’s hearing the twang of Keith Urban.

What makes it worse? Constantly complaining that the station is never playing the songs you want to hear, and doing nothing to change it. Just sitting there, and whining about it.

Ready for the good news?
Your thoughts are just thoughts.

You’re in control.


You have the power to change them. You have the power to regulate what thoughts come in and out of your mind. Fine tune YOUR station, so it plays what YOU want to hear and create.

Take a look at what ‘frequency’ you are set on and what ‘songs’ you are hearing. Take a breath and decide to change the station. Decide to control the thoughts that come in and out of your mind.

If suddenly you’re complaining, the breathe and change your tune. Change your thoughts.

Refocus to nurture the areas of your life that need the most care: Think differently, and change the outcome.

Once you are focusing on the beliefs – the thoughts, words, and actions – that are constructing the world you want to see in your life, you can start to feel grateful about what you are creating.

In this gratitude you’ll start to feel more successful and as you feel more successful, you’ll be shifting your energy to feel positive and connected. As your energy shifts, and you feel better, you will start to create what you want to see in your world. This is the very first basic step of manifesting.

And manifesting is just a fancy way of creating what you want.

The truth of the matter is the country station could be right for someone else it’s just not right for you because it’s not matching what you want and it’s not making you feel the way you wish to. The reason you want a different station with different content is because you want to feel differently.

This means it’s important to know how you want to feel. Visualize and connect to the desires you feel for the future. Listen to your body and what he or she tells you.

Listen to the wisdom that your body is constantly speaking. Then, try to match your beliefs, thoughts, word, and actions to those desires.

And then, let the magic unfold in your life, and report back to me…

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