“Honey, I wish I could leave this job and build a career that’s fun, exciting and rewarding”

“I know, but we can’t afford for you to do that”

… And this conversation if followed by more reasons and objections.

Let’s take this scenario: You’re a mom. You know you want to make some changes, and you don’t know where to start.

So why does it seem so hard to go out and build a dream? I could write a whole book about this, but to start, let’s check this out in a bit more detail….

DREAM BUILDING MYTH #1: “Now that I know what my dream is, it should be easy to build it!”

Even the smartest, most resourceful parents get this wrong. Knowing what your dream is and having a plan, a deadline, or even the time, money and resources won’t make the dream automagically happen. Nope. All of that is a myth: A bad pilot won’t be able to get the airplane to a destination without a hitch… it’s sneakier than that.

Dream BUILDING MYTH #2: “If I’m Brave enough and have courage and strength of character, I’ll succeed”.

Now this can be partially true. However, even the bravest warriors can fail to reach their goals. Why? Because once again, there’s something harder to spot that’s at play. A Brave soul can succeed at the wrong things….

The #1 Reason Why Parents {and other Grown Ups} Fail to Build Their Dreams is:


That’s right- a Wrong Focus Routine. This is a ritualized habit that’s both sneaky to spot AND hard to break…

Probably not what you wanted to hear or even thought I would say. But there are ways to spot and solve this, once we properly identify the symptoms and causes that are unique to you. The way it shows up in my life is not exactly the way it’ll show up in yours.

And let’s get this straight, when I say “Wrong Focus”, I don’t mean that you’re not focused on your actual dream or creating it. Let’s take a look at how this plays out…


Some parents actually experience Wrong Focus WHILE they are very, very busy chasing and ‘creating’ a dream! But they’re going in circles. Confused. Taking the actions, but not the right ones. Getting nowhere fast and probably feeling spent and mentally exhausted every night thinking “what is wrong with me? I work hard but I’m not seeing the results for the life I want.”

Sound familiar?

Once you uncover how Wrong Focus might affect you, identify your symptoms, it’s much easier to create your unique recipe to avoid and solve Wrong Focus… for good!

Here’s the golden key: The signs, symptoms and solutions to address wrong focus are UNIQUE TO YOU.

YOU are the only one who knows your hearts desires, the things that are triggers for taking you off course, and also the things that inspire you…

I’d LOVE to help you get accelerated results and support with this important step.

I want to see parents who aren’t just chasing dreams but LIVING THEM FULLY.

That’s what changes the world. And trust me, figuring this out IS the first step… but only if you’re ready and inspired to take it and see the truth.

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*make note that the contest is over but the juicy details are still relevant!*



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