I’m a mom with two young kids, and I’ve been bringing home most of the bacon for a couple years. Soon I’ll be leaving a secure federal government job and becoming a full-time entrepreneur (or ‘dream catcher’)! Sounds risky, and it is, but I’m choosing to leave anyway. But to me, it’s much less risky than staying for job security.

(Listen me on Ottawa’s CBC radio Morning here, discussing the leap and the risk)

Little Girl Fancy Necklace & Bracelet

Why? There are two main reasons:

  • Fulfill my childhood dream and send the right message to my kidsSome see kids as liabilities. They’re not. They are accountability partners who provide reasons to find opportunities. They are little people with big dreams who need to see adult role models who are making their own childhood dreams come true. This is who I am now becoming. For them, and for the six-year old in me who’s still yearning to see her dreams take flight.
  • I’m taking the leap and become who I am meant to be. Some people find fulfillment in the same job/career that they find security. Lucky them! But for me, right now, it’s a choice. I am choosing the security of a job and world I can shape into what I want it to be. Choosing my current job security would have meant missing a huge opportunity. I need to fulfill my future – the one in my childhood dreams – as a gift to the adult version of me who yearns to take her place as an innovative artist, entrepreneur, and creative leader. To me, it’s much riskier to be complacent and become what feels like the wrong version of me. Instead, it’s a lower lifetime risk to embrace my dreams, grow to the next level, and meet the person I am meant to become. I’m choosing the freedom to be myself, on my terms, and on my turf.

To me, intelligent career risk is knowing that each step of my career path is getting me closer to who I truly am and sharing that with the world. Taking this leap –my next intelligent risk – motivates me and I hope this move will continue to inspire my kids, peers, community, and anyone ignoring that little voice of the six-year-old inside. I can’t wait to be inspired back, by all those who also choose to pluck their dreams out of the dreamworld to plant them firmly into their life.

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