And why I entrepreneur parents can change the world by living from their soul’s work using the Soulful WayTM

{PS: This is a 10 minute read. It’s because I’m opening my soul to you. Please read with care, and comment with love. You can listen to this as a recording as well.❤ }

 A year and a half ago, I stood at the top of my very own rock bottom. I was sick, scared, a shadow of myself, unhappy and lost in the life I’d chosen. It was summer, but my soul was in winter:

 “…Thoughts are unruly — leading my mind in negative places, despite that it’s summertime… Constant desire to be alone. Feeling overwhelmed, like I need to sort out “stuff”. This is troubling to me…. General feeling of not feeling well. Unhappy to be “stuck at work” for so long. Is it worth it? When I am feeling down, I am not a good partner” – Note to self about mental state, July 9, 2012

I didn’t know that things were about to get worst.

For the next two months, my body screamed: I had chest pains, cried all the time behind my brave face, lost sleep and on the eve of my 34th birthday got a serious bacterial infection that needed a solid month of wearing an IV, so that could totally beat it.  I felt traumatized.

I was scared to admit truth: I was empty and miserable and if nothing changed, I could lose everything I loved.
Including my life.

Fast forward 18 months and I’m happy again, laughing out loud often, and feeling like my WHOLE self: I feel my purpose, my self-worth, I can trust my Self, and know I can do great things without compromising my values, who I am, my truth or my health.

To soulfully find my way from rock bottom to my rockin’ new path, I held one hard truth at heart:

If I settled to be anything less myself, then I’d be signing up to eventually lose everything when I hit some sort of mid-life crisis.

And then, when I’d be done with fear at last, I’d be a stranger in my own life: My kids wouldn’t know me, my husband and friends wouldn’t recognize me, and they’d all be wondering where this ‘New’ person came from, when really, this is just the real ME.

Without radical truth and choices, I would be setting up for a life of complaints shaped around lies and excuses. A life built around deceit: self-deceit.

This life would become what my kids expect of their life, too.

To me, that was the deal breaker:

And I’m committed to raising kids without the burden of my own baggage. They deserve better than that. So I had to choose between two paths:

My strong inner voice declared herself: She was going to choose LIFE. Not lies.

Because my kids deserve their whole mama in their life. The strong, healthy one who’s bold and speaks her mind. The one who embraces change, honours her desires and move forward anyway, even when she’s afraid and doesn’t know what was next.

As I soulfully started to reconnect to all of myself, I changed my questions to ones that could get me better answers. I went from asking: How can I afford a change?” to “How can I afford not to change?”

I found the three key ingredients to a life I can love and trust, for the long term. To live in a way that’ll support and nourish my whole being. Keep me happy and well and knowing that I’m actually being the change I want to be for my kids, in my world.

It’s a fine line sometimes, because it can get tricky playing big while raising little ones. There’s not always time for both.

Embracing yourself takes work

In the last year, I did a lot of this personal work alone. I found some great mentors, but no one truly focused on parents like me, and talked about pleasure, purpose, parenting, intention, business or lifestyle design all in one place. It just didn’t exist. And that’s why I’m here doing this new work now.

And so, I kept moving forward, piecing it all together. I had my heart open, but I truly could NOT see my next steps.

I had to let my wisdom lead me forward, blindly, but knowing I was stepping into my life’s leading role.

Now, as I move forward teaching what I’ve developed, the 3-step process called The Soulful WayTM that works both to CURE or PREVENT the kind of situation I lived. And I know it’s now my duty to share it with the world.

I won’t lie: I’m totally scared to do it at time, but I feel there’s no other way. I’m meant to help parents live from their soul’s work, so they can both improve their lives, and positively impact their kids’ and their world. By being that change they want to see in their world.

My secret desire is to help change the world by empowering two generations at once. And I believe entrepreneur parents are really the ones who will pioneer this path with me.

I want us all to be all in on this. Because this whole thing takes a lot of courage and we’ll find more fun and success in co-creating the guidance and support we need, as a good family does. We’ll have each other’s backs.

As 2014 unfolds further, I’ll be sharing up new ways to work with me to give you this Soulful WayTM.

I know there’s a lot of resistance, objections and excuses that come up when considering what it’ll truly take to create a life that’s right for all of you, your spouse and your kids.

I’m ready to take a stand for you: 

I know it takes heart, courage, and determination to be all of yourself…anyway. To leave other people’s expectations, and only live the life that fits you. To ignore the silent criticism and judgment from family or friends, and move on to do your best work because it’s wholly yours.

I know you have the strength and courage to find your path.
To pleasurably reconnect to who you are.
To get intentional about it.
And to creatively design the lifestyle that fits and fulfil all of you.

I’m wiling to do ANYTHING to really take a stand to help moms and dads to create their soul’s work in the world. Because our world need you.

What I’m seeing of us in this tribe, is a way of ELEVATING each other.
Where we hold each other and help each other. A way of upping our own game, in the best of ways.

Yes, it is challenging to play big while raising little ones. It takes courage and priorities.

In fact, you have to prioritize courage so you can become everything you’re meant to be.

Both for them, and for you.

I prefer to speak with less bullshit, a to be more human, so I’m just going to tell it like it is.

As parents with a purpose, there’s no time to beat around the truth.

So as I move forward and create this work, I’m inviting you to step in your most brave, courageous self and really visit what is true to you. What is the life that really fells like home? And sometimes you’re going to have truth bombs. But most of the time those truth bombs are going to lead you to the place that fells really does feel like home. The place where you feel so ‘Reset to Happy’ in your whole life that you’ll be inspired to do your best work and you’ll be inspiring people around you to do the same.

Thank you for being with me.

Even if you’re afraid, even if you don’t know what’s next.
Even if it just seems pointless: It’s not. I challenge you to listen to that inner voice.
That inner calling. If you feel called to so something greater, despite the busy schedule – despite everything, then do what it takes to head that voice.

And by all means stay supported.  Doing this work longer will take you a lot longer than if you get support. And that’s my commitment to you: I’m going to give you a way to get the support and accountably you need as you move into your best version of life.


(don’t judge, just write)

  1. What’s one thing you secretly want for yourself?
  2. What will your life look like if you successfully bring this thing into your life? How will you feel?
  3. What’s the next step for you to make this happen now?

Then, take that one step. Just take it and tell us all about it. Remember, you’re not alone.

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