Ever had a day that left you feeling empty, exhausted and wanting to hit a big, fat RESET button?

You’re not alone…

Today, I’m sharing with you a “Self-Love Recipe: 3 Easy Steps to Refill Your Cuppa Love”

Why? Because I know your life’s full and that despite best intentions, it’s easy to forget yourself in the mix of daily routines, schedules and activities.

This recipe is from my ‘real-life arsenal’ of goodies…

I shared this a good girlfriend recently who shared how empty she was feeling with a life that was too full of people and activities that didn’t really refuel her soul… All of it leaving her unfocused and unhappy unable to really enjoy life and make meaningful decisions about herself and her future.

Time for a ‘SOULution’ that works!

While the whole process of fully reconnecting to your own personal power is much deeper than what I can offer her (we work on this for six months with my VIP coaching clients), here’s  a great, simple recipe to help you refill your CUPPA LOVE this coming week.

Your Self-Love Recipe: 3 Easy Steps to Refill Your Cuppa Love

Step 1: Make a List of at Least 10 People Who Love You… And Whom You Love Too!

  1. Who haven’t you spoken too in too long?
  2. Who would you love to just hang out with?
  3. Who can you share a laugh with?
  4. Who would be someone you’d LOVE to listen to as they open their heart to you?

Step 2: List 3 Easy Actions To Help You Connect with Them DEEPLY.

I recommend something like:

  1. Connect with an open heart by email or phone.
  2. Make a plan to visit — in person or virtually — for a soul-filling catch up.
  3. Follow-up! I know people get busy and since it’s important I want to make sure this happens.

Step 3: Add 3 ‘Non-Negotiable’ Items to Your Self-Love Routine

For example, this can be daily moving and exercising, regular connection with your lover, journalling, doing a puzzle, reading, etc…

…Now the trickiest part: Actually doing this!

This is the part where many people throw in the towel… Just before the reward. And that’s why I do a lot of ‘holding your feet to the fire’ with my clients, to make sure they get what they really need and want done!

So get started and start refilling this very valuable Cuppa Love! When it’s full, there’s more of you to love and you have more of you to give.

xo Anne-Sophie

If you’d love some help figuring out your unique self-love recipe, I’d love to help!  Get in touch to set up a complimentary 1-on-1 raising freedom session to assess how to design a schedule and life that leaves you energized and excited every day.


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