So, can creating art really help you change the world?

WHY MY SOUL NEEDS TO DRAW (and yours might too)… A message for Creators of life and beautiful things.
My soul needs to draw, to experience the vulnerability of uncertainty, and remind me to live and create the life I mean to live…

Let me explain – it might be the same story for you:

  • In life and art, I don’t know how it will turn out.
  • I don’t know if people will like it.
  • I don’t know if it will be great beyond this moment.
  • When I draw, I learn to trust myself and let go of self-doubt.
  • I learn to let go of my mistakes and love them.
  • I learn to love the accidents and display them with pride.

And every time I create some space to play with shapes and colors, and let my soul speak, I feel freedom.

As I hear the doubt before I permanently draw a line that I can’t erase, I also hear a piece of me learning to love the creator in me, no matter what happens next.

Creating art (or a business, a family or life) is a true test of loving without conditions. 

“Can this be beautiful despite all the imperfections? can I love this anyway?”

Shrug the doubt away, keep drawing. Keep creating.

And in every moment and mistake I learn to surrender to my dreams and greatest part of my self who isn’t the victim but the creator of my life. 

I recall that I can accept and learn from the mistakes, love them and make them part of the beautiful whole even if I don’t know how or see the “finished result”.

Creating teaches me take the accidental “ugly” lines, and see them as beautiful.
If you are a creator or love someone who is, create that space to create and hear your soul speak.

It’s a safe place to remember who you are, learn to love and to trust again, and hear the sometimes subtle but affirming voice and words the soul will whisper thorough the moments that come with creating your art.

This image isn’t complete but this is the message I got from my soul through it today: love, trust the journey, embrace everything, create beauty with everything you have.

Xo Anne-Sophie Dumetz

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