“If Confidence is the missing currency that keeps most women 
Unheard, undervalued & underpaid, 

Then words are the secret asset
that will free women & change their world.

Anne-Sophie Dumetz 
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WORDS have the power to Change your World. 

As changemakers, we have the responsibility to lead change, share ideas and messages
that can spark millions of personal revolutions and ignite local and global change.

Change happens one word, one choice & one VOICE at a time.

Ghandi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

But this overwhelms many freedom-seeking women, who just don’t know where to start applying this idea in their life or business.

Through my changemaker story and signature talks, I’ll show your audicence how becoming UNIGNORABLE, and using the power of language and love, it’s possible to rewrite, rescript and reimagine who we are, our relationships, marketing and business methods, so we can start to create and live the change we want to live in our world, now.

Whether on your live or virtual stage, your TV, radio or Podcast show or in your magazine, I’ll share a message and stories that will inspire your audience into action, feeling more confient and on fire.

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Whether you need an inspiring keynote speaker, MC, or a hostess-with-the-mostess for a playful workshop (a playshop, of course), I love lighting up the stage and inspiring changemakers-to-be to spread love, make sales and/or change lives (and sometimes all three). 😉

Signature talks + Playshops:

Best Concussion Ever! How I lost the luxury to ignore myself & found my true voice.

And how becoming UNIGNORABLE to yourself is the rocketfuel a woman’s soul + business needs, to truly stand out and lead her change. A change story that will motivate to awaken, and free, the changemaker within.

What ONE THING turned Oprah, Ellen & Barbara Walters into international sensations? During this inspiring, educational keynote specifically for online businesswomen, I’ll reveal the ONE THING and how to start applying it in business, so your audience can step more fully into their roles as thought leaders and changemakers.

Forget shelved dreams. Forget feeling dissatisfied, aimless and burnt out. In this refreshing and candid talk, I share how a simple question from my 4-year old and a trip to the ER helped me realize it was time to stop putting my energy into projects that zapped my mojo and magic and start building the future I wanted for myself and my family…NOW.

Learn to LOVE answering the question, “So, what do you do?” In this 3-hour playshop for entrepreneurs who want to create a personal brand that just might change the world,  participants will learn my secrets for confidently communicating what they do, what they’re about, and how to make authentic connections with clients-to-be – without sounding like a robot.

I now have a clear understanding of WHO I SERVE, because I know WHO I am.

If you’re looking for more confidence and clarity about how you are, who you serve and how to do it, she’s the coach for you.

She's able to finish your sentences—as if she can read your mind.

She finds exactly the right words to capture what you want to say, formats it amazingly, so you can attract exactly who you want to work with. 

Anne-Sophie truly leads from the heart and with love. It’s rare meet someone like her online.  

Working with Anne-Sophie has been life-changing!

Sherry Fae

Leadership Coach,



 Anne-Sophie has been seen, heard and read on national and local broadcast media, including:

CBC radio and TV the Happy Entrepreneur Magazine, Ottawa City Woman Magazine,, the Radiant Goddess Collective, Stand Up & Stand Out Summit for Women, Powered by Women Virtual Conference, Babes in Business, Empowered Women in Business, Conscious Business Divas (Thriving Moms), Children and Teen Health Summit, Inspire Magazine, Parenting Powers Podcast Ottawa Citizen, Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Business Heroine Magazine.


After leaving a pretty-on-paper communications career, Anne-Sophie Dumetz founded She’s a Changemaker, a platform and community for female entrepreneurs who feel called to change the world doing their soul’s work.

Since then, she’s worked as a visibility strategist, message maven and professional bullshit slayer helping hundreds of women tap into the power of their own story and voice to create a message that connects with their destined clients so they can spread love, make sales and change lives in a major way.

Drawing from her background in Women’s Studies, Journalism and traditional media, Anne-Sophie’s clients rave about her breath-of-fresh air presence, real and raw clarity-inducing intuitive insights, incredible business savvy and her natural ability to “see” – and communicate – things most people can’t.

If you’re a woman ready to own your story and make a living making change, join her community of Changemakers at

Social media bio:

Anne-Sophie Dumetz. Message Maven. Visibility Strategist. Bullshit Slayer. Founder of She’s a Changemaker Show, Hub & Sistermind. Helping rad women become UNIGNORABLE to the people whose life they’re meant to change.

Interview Intro (podcasts):

Anne-Sophie Dumetz is the Founder of She’s a Changemaker, a community, show and SisterMind for women entrepreneur, who are ready to become UNIGNORABLE, to themselves, and to the people whose life they’re MEANT to change.

She’s passionate about guiding leaders to infuse more love, and less fear in their message, marketing and methods, and help seed change one word and one choice at a time.