Signature talks include:

INSPIRING MILLIONS: The Fast, Fun & Easy Way to Gain Expert Status & Grow Your Reach

What ONE THING turned Oprah, Ellen & Barbara Walters into international sensations? During this inspiring, educational keynote specifically for online businesswomen, I’ll reveal the ONE THING and how to start applying it in business, so your audience can step more fully into their roles as thought leaders and changemakers.


Stop Building the Wrong Dream & Start Changing Your World!

Forget shelved dreams. Forget feeling dissatisfied, aimless and burnt out. In this refreshing and candid talk, I share how a simple question from my 4-year old and a trip to the ER helped me realize it was time to stop putting my energy into projects that zapped my mojo and magic and start building the future I wanted for myself and my family…NOW.

Communicate with Confidence Virtual Playshop

Learn to LOVE answering the question, “So, what do you do?” In this 3-hour playshop for entrepreneurs who want to create a personal brand that just might change the world,  participants will learn my secrets for confidently communicating what they do, what they’re about, and how to make authentic connections with clients-to-be – without sounding like a robot.

“I feel SAFE to be who I am and express myself into the world, in a way that’s meaningful to ME, and in a way that will help others… The part of me that wasn’t showing up for myself is finally here. My work, my message… I doesn’t feel crazy anymore! Before working with Anne-Sophie, I didn’t trust myself or believe in myself. Now I DO.”

Selena Delesie

Leadership Coach