“Look, the kids are small. I have bills to pay and things to do. How do you expect ME to really be able to go live MY dreams?”

Glad you asked.

Truth is, for a very long time I AVOIDED this question entirely. My kids are now 5 & 7, and I used to believe that as a mom, I was too busy to build my dreams.

It would have to be later.

So for a while, I played pretend:

Life was good, but not great. And looking back, I was unhappy, unfulfilled, unsure of my future and felt undervalued and under-seen. I had stumbled into someone else’s dreams…

That was then, when I jokingly say that life gave an ‘epic wedgie‘ to show me just how stuck I was.

And this is now.

Today,  I’m completing a project that means the world to me. It was a dream for a loooooong time.

And because I imagine you, too, have some unfulfilled project or dream as a busy mom or dad, I’m sharing with you the 10 essential steps to creating that dream project.

These are the ones I stepped through that you can replicate and duplicate in your life.

Trust me, it works!

xo Anne-Sophie

Here are the 10 steps to follow to successfully create what you dream of!

Step 1. Feel into what you want.

Move from ‘Desire Disconnect’ (this is an Anne-Sophie-ism) into a state of connecting to what you want. Give into those needs for a bit in all areas of life. Have fun, play…. and then…

Step 2. Act.

The moment you feel an urge to move on what you want: Jump! Take the first step. That’s all that’s required because we don’t know yet what the ones that come after will look like. In this step, moving is what’s required…

Step 3: Let the dream come to you.

yes, that’s right…. It’s only at THIS point of creating your dream that it will come.

The crystalline idea that won’t let you sleep at night. The bright, shiny and delicious GOAL that’s a dream of yours.

You’ll know it’s ‘the one’ when you can only think of it for weeks or months on end.

When it’s in every conversation you have because it’s really trying to become real for you. All that’s required is step 4.

Step 4: Believe.

Yes, this sounds like a fairy tale. But it’s the next step. You have to believe in your dream.

You have to pre-live it.

Be in the moment with your dream. Love it deeply. Nestle with it. Imagine it. Smile with it. Feel it deeply.

Step 5. Move some more.

Take actions. Fumble. Climb. Whatever, just keep moving.

Step 6. Plan.

When you’re pre-lived enough it’s time to get serious and get real.

Make a plan. Set some dates. Deal with the expansion to go from dream to goal to plan to reality.

Step 7. Deal with your sh*t.

What? Yes. That’s what it says. You’re gonna freak out at this point. I know I did.

You’ll have a trio of doubt, fear and negative self-talk walk in the door.

They’ll be loud and obnoxious.

And it’s your job to thank them and let ’em go.

While this is the kind of work I do with others, I found it incredibly useful to work with someone to be my mirror, cheerleader and guide to grow through this tricky phase.

Because it can be long and feel arduous, depending on the scale of your dream.

Step 8. Keep the F* Going!

As in: Don’t stop. Stopping now after everything you’ve done (I mean, you’re on Step 8 already) would be ridiculous.

It would be like climbing to the 2nd last rung on the ladder, almost reaching the golden fruit at the top of the tree and saying ‘Nah!’ Forget it. I’m too scared to do this. I don’t want this anyway. Huh? Really? After ALL THAT?

That’s when a loving support that may come with a gentle push up will help you.

Step 9. Be so much in MOMENTUM that the only outcome is success.

You have a plan. You’re on it. You keep going.

You deal with obstacles and move them. You’re clear. You’re on course.

You don’t know how to DO everything, but the dream is bigger than you.

So you keep going. And as if by magic, you know what you need to know, at the right time.

Your dream unfolds perfectly.

And you B-R-E-A-T-H-E! 🙂

Step 10. CELEBRATE!! 🙂

You’ve done it! You’ve made it! Now you know you can do it and you can go create another dream again…


This story was inspired by the creation of the Secrets of Game-Changing Parents summit. It all started with a desire that I followed, led to this idea and step by step, brought me to having created this amazing event. “Game-Changing” according to the participants and viewers.

As I wrapped up the event {which was better than I dreamed}, a friend asked me “What’s your biggest takeaway?”

My answer “That I can create anything I dream with the right energy put in it.”

And I mean it.

Your turn!

x0 Anne-Sophie

PS: Need help with any of the steps in the Dream-Creation Process I detail above? Let me help you. Apply here for a complimentary session. {limited space}




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