That to do list is getting longer. The dishes are done. The laundry is waiting to be folded. The social media schedule needs to be updated. The team needs to be contacted delegated to or even hired. The kids need to be picked up. The homework for the course you signed up for still isn’t done. You still haven’t shown up as much as you intended in all the social networks or Facebook groups you love.

In response to all this, the body creates extra cortisol, or stress hormone. (Check out Dr. Sara Gottfried’s work on this)

A subtle sense of panic can set in and thoughts like “I’ll never get it done”; “I’m not good enough”; “I’m not doing enough”; “that will never be enough time” start to percolate.

And and even conscious women entrepreneurs, who are diligent about their mindset practice, doing yoga and breathing exercises and who believe in abundance, law of attraction and manifestation, can get trapped in this pattern of stressing out over all the stuff that isn’t done.

I’ve been there countless times, and the solution is it to freak out and try to go faster and do more. (Truth be told, I have ADD, and have experience a lot is anxiety my whole life, but isn’t always know how fast and easy it could B2 lower stress and feel great again.) 

So when stress hits Penthouse level, It’s to cancel those thoughts and replace them with the mantra that will help bring your stress level down, and help the hormones that actually help you like oxytocin, come back into your body.
It’s a proven scientific fact that increasing your pleasure and your sense of well-being will bring your body back into a space of balance where the problems that were stressing you out no longer feel overwhelming.

This is what you need to do the moment you feel the stress mounting, so you can come back to being the woman who can handle the life she’s chosen to create.

This happens one moment and one choice at a time.

In early 2017 I came up with this mantra to set a powerful intention for the upcoming year and my entire life.
I’ve shared it with friends and colleagues when they were stressed out and feeling they were falling behind on their own agenda.

The response?

“Wow that mantra make me cry”

…. followed by an instant emotional release of tears that was so needed in that moment.

(I believe an emotional release is a bit like an orgasm for the soul, and sometimes the body simply needs it.)
Here’s the powerful new mantra:

“Everything is falling into place for you right now..
Even when you don’t know how it’ll come together,
I trust it’s all working out perfectly now.”

  • You can switch out “you” to “I” to make it more personal.
  • You can also shorten as you please.
  • Saying this out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror will bring you an Instant sensation of of peace and well-being.
  • You can also speak those words to yourself or you’re out on a walk, out of the car, and just listen to your body as you’re feeling the truth of those words.

Here are 3 images you can save for you phone, or to share on social media, as a reminder:

(keep reading below the images for more power tips)


It’s important to speak those words out loud if they resonate with you. 

The body responds to sound and especially to your own voice. It will start sound more true as you speak this to yourself, and over time it will start to feel like a fact. Grab my free training for more ways to use your voice as a til for personal and biz growth:

  • If you’re in a super high stress moment, and you have issues with self trust and doubt, it’s possible you’ll experience physical resistance to this new mantra.
  • Do your best to welcome the feelings by breathing them in and out, and you can also tap your thumb to the inside of your forefinger well you say it to help you stay grounded in your body.
  • Tap: I also use this topic motion by saying I am safe I am safe I am safe I am safe I am safe I am safe until the feeling of panic or stress sets subsides.

love this? Qs? Comment below. Be sure to share this with the women in your life who need it!

Xo Anne-Sophie

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