My Girl, my awesome superhero who truly showed me how to fly, and continues to almost six years later.

Those first moments of parenthood are truly magical. There you are, humbled by something greater than you: the miracle of life. Holy sh*t, you’ve made a human! You’re awed, in love and totally ready to fumble your way through.

As a New Parent Superhero, you jump off the cliff of parenthood without a chute, cape, or sexy unitard, cross your fingers (and maybe your legs), and hope for the best.

As the days go by lots of amazing things enter your home:

  • Parentese (you know, that ooey-gooey language you use to speak to the baby), anything used to feed the baby
  • Too many diapers and conversations about every kind of human fluid (“I swear it frothed like Crappucino!”)
  • Awe for magical moments and new sounds
  • Brand new love and so much more

But then there’s also loneliness, fear, loss of freedom and a collection of many new lacks: lack of sleep, patience, understanding, intimacy, sex, personal time, personal care, structure, and scheduling.

In those first few weeks and months, life can go one of two ways:

We either try to do-it-all as a ‘good Superhero Parent’ (seriously, why do we even try to do it all, especially alone?) or we ditch the cape and master impressive yogini rubber-like moves. Suddenly, the house IS clean enough (who knew!). Dishes and laundry CAN wait ’til tomorrow. After all, there are only so many hours in the day, one of you, and a new little one waiting with bated breath for your every move.

Months go by. Baby grows and you find some of your groove back. But there are moments when it’s hard. As you learn to love this new you — this new life, there’s also something missing, and it’s often a piece of you… that person you’ve come to know and love over the years. You may not see it immediately, but there’s a little sumting’ sumting’ missing. A little gremlin, eating at you, deep inside. A piece of you is in mourning, confused, wondering WTF is going on.

But, if you’re like most parents, you sweep this under the rug, put on your brave superhero face and move on.

{DISCLAIMER:  This MAY not be you. You may be the exception, but what I know from years of connecting with other moms and dads is that this funny feeling of dissatisfaction is real, insidious and hard to put your finger on,and that it should never be ignored.}

I could fast forward to that very plausible time when the gremlin is a loud annoying inner voice reminding you that you’re not living your life the way you intended to, pre-kid. But I won’t.

Instead, I’m going to give you some ideas about how you can throw in your Superhero cape, celebrate your humanity and let the little person you created become your very own daily reminder to help silence your inner gremlins:


3 Steps to really, really love being a new parent

Truth 1: We are only human and that’s the best part.

We love, live, taste, experience, fail, restart, get emotionally crazed and sometimes lose our shit. We are humans, and our humanity is what gives us our edge and makes our world infinitely possible, filled with options and abundantly open to everything.

Heck, take a moment and really let it sink it:

You’ve made a human! 

A complete working, living and breathing little creature that loves you to bits. How cool is that?

  ❤ You are amazing. ❤ 
Your body is awe-inspiring.
 ❤ When you and your body are in love,
you can make anything happen. ❤ 
  ❤ Let your child be your daily reminder of this very truth.  ❤ 

Truth 2: The Real Superhero is Your Infant Child… and You Must Learn from the Master

This human you created was born complete. Pure, crisp and amazingly powerful with the best powers of all: Love, Trust, Happiness.

Love: You are HOME to your human baby. You are the place he or she loves. You are their One-True-Love. Show up to receive that, it’s so beautiful.

Trust: Your little human gives you everything. He or she is open, pure, honest, and lets you be the caretaker. Imagine living life in such complete trust that something greater than you is looking after you because of love. In life, this can be many things: each other, spiritual beliefs, universal energy.

Happiness: Every day, your child’s innate gear is set to happy. Once human needs are met (see above), your child moves on to finding a way to be happy: amazed by flecks of light on a window, the brightness of a toy, the sounds of the birds, the human body. Your child is happy with very simple things. Children KNOW that simple  things bring joy. Imagine if we also just reveled in what we have? Beyond our stuff. I mean the moments we have with each other. The hugs. The kisses. The songs. The connections. Life.

Truth 3: Your Kids Will Love You Anyway

It’s simple: They love you and want every piece of the you. They’ll latch on and ask for more. If this is making you cringe, then it’s time to take back your time in serious ways, so the real you can come out to play. And you know what? When YOU truly and totally show up as yourself, in your whole life, your kids will love you anyway. So be that parent who’s a bit wild and free. Be sexy. Be whoever it is you are in your inner world, in your outside world. Your child will love you, no matter who you are. Because they don’t judge you, they just love you.

{A safety note: When I say ‘they’ll love you anyway, no matter who you are’, I do always mean as long as you’re being kind to yourself and your children. No one should ever harm a child:They are the most precious beings we have among us. Just sayin’}

If any of this sounds true to you, then tell me why? Tell me how your child has been a superhero in your life. I want to know.

What has your child taught you?

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