Yes: To build up online biz, you have to “show up”. Put your face and words “out there”.


That can feel pretty SCARY and stall many super talented women .. right before they ‘make it’.


Because so many learned the spotlight and is EVIL.

What will they say?

What if they don’t like it?”

Will they judge me?

Can I handle the critics?

Childhood and teenage bullying can take a long time to overcome, and it’s a real thing. According the Anti-Bullying Institute, 83% of girls have experienced harassment, and 60% of students see bullying every single day.

(see more facts here)

As entrepreneurs, we’re asked to be bold, brave and daring. Lead — and we’re sold many social media strategies on how to do that. 


You can’t show up in a big way for the world, your mission, you business and  make a difference… UNTIL you learn to show up for yourself. In a very private, humble, honest way, that requires you, being honest with you.

That’s where the soul trumps the strategy: Because that doesn’t happen on facebook, twitter, or Instagram.

It happens in your heart, in your home, in how you speak to yourself.

It starts with CHOOSING to be ALL of YOU.  Even the parts that have been avoided, afraid to look at and share, or ignored. Daily.

And your VOICE can be the key that can unlock and release the wounds of past.

You see, HIDING and NOT SPEAKING up was my jam for my first 20 years alive. (my “awkward” years)

(You can read about how I changed it all in 4 months and shed 50 pounds of awkward on the Elephant Journal here.)

I stopped hiding when  I stopped believing all “their” stories.

(they = bullies, and others who had negative opinions about me)

And when I started to write my own story, empowerment and confidence emerged:

At last! I was showing up for me, and could share me with the world.

It happened One word + choice at a time. 

I started small: By say NO to others, so I could say yes to myself. (Key Lesson #1 — Love yourself first!)

That was uncomfortable.

Then, I started to learn to speak powerfully and constructively to myself.

 Kind words = self-love.

With constructive language  I started to explore what I wanted instead of what I didn’t have.

(key lesson #2: focus on what you want so you can welcome it.

Use your words to change your own world)

Well, that was even harder! I had to change how I spoke to myself, but over time, it worked.

I grew bolder:

I became a NEWS REPORTER (!) and used my VOICE to represent others in a big way.

(for local and national media, for a national museum, Canada’s federal government)

In Women’s Studies, I researched and spoke on women marginalized women used their voice to change their reality and themselves.

And by age 28, I technically “made it” with all the boxes checked off: house, career, kids, hubby.


xx I still didn’t feel safe being seen or heard FULLY.

xx I felt disconnected from my heart and soul. Because I was not fully seeing my Self.

I was only using my voice for others — I was not YET a great advocate of my own heart, desire and dreams.

This is where every women needs to turn up the volume on her own yearnings, and SPEAK her desires into being.  

You can can literally do that by talking to yourself using constructive language.

I got honest with myself: I was HUNGRY for more of the real ME in my life — I had to learn to SHOW UP for me, so i could show up for the world.

One day, I told my 4-year old little girl “you can be anything you want when you grow up”

(every parents’ fav’ line!)

And soon realized that my inner girl still felt totally silenced and not self-accomplished.

As Gloria Steinem once said:

“The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off.”

Well, I was pissed to see I wasn’t as “on track” as I once thought.

My inner girl wanted to change the world: That heart whisper became a roar I could no longer ignore.

Today, I’m building a business for women who have once felt unsafe being seen and heard, AND who know they are here to share a powerful message and work.

The stuff that changes lives, from the inside out. It’s not perfect.

Yes there are still moments when silence takes over. (WTF?)

But I’ve *DECIDED* (this is KEY!) to show up for myself, and the women whose life I’m meant to impact, every day.

And if you have an online business, you have to make this choice, too.

Without this, no VISIBILITY STRATEGY can work. That’s the secret.

Decide to Show up. Then do it. Again and again.

Now, it’s not always easy, but it can be FUN.

This year for finishing what matters and fully being the people we’re meant to be.

The Universe won’t tolerate anyone being out of “true” — out of alignment.

I’m still learning to be kind to myself and still building up my confidence by letting go of the past, and choosing to be my most powerful self every day. And here’s what’s coming:

This March 8, 2017, it’s International Women’s Day, She’s a Changemaker is releasing work to have women’s voices and stories heard!

The She’s a Changemaker Show (podcast | TV) features the journeys of brilliant women, who’ve changed themselves and their life. I’ve been recording these for months, and they are being released to the world, with no further delay. Time to broadcast the stories that matter and inspire

Also coming is the  She’s a Changemaker Sistermind + media focused Spotlight retreat (get on the wait list!). This 5-month program and its elite retreat is DESIGNED to help visionary women become WHO they need to be to DO what they’re here to do as changemakers — women who CREATE their own change — while being featured in media.

The program includes two intimate transformational  retreats are opening in 2017, each with 16 spots max. By March 8, these will be open for registration and filling up for registration quickly.

Between now and then, I’m releasing a lot of *Brilliant work* about honing in on “your thing” when you want to “go big” with your brand and message!

About the power of media interviews.

About the power of showing up for yourself, and the world.

Before you can show up for the world, you have to show up for yourself.
— Anne-Sophie Dumetz


THIS is the only moment that matters, and hoarding our fits hurts us, and keeps our gifts away from the people whose life you’re meant to change. It doesn’t help at all. 

It’s all being created because I won’t be the woman who only half-ass tried to speak up, share, create and impact, and then gave up before anyone could benefit.

I know my words have the power to move, change and inspire, but nothing inspires more than ACTION.

Join me in walking your talk & DECLARE what is coming into creation in your life and business this year! Comment below this article with what YOU are bringing into creation this year. 

Here’s to all big-heart women and girls knowing just what they want, declaring it, and getting it.

ps. Those are my kids!  They inspire me to show up every day: They know what they want, and they make it happen. My life’s greatest gift is getting to inspire and show those two bright souls what leading from the heart looks like.

PS. get on the VIP waitlist now to be first to access the She’s a Changemaker Sistermind

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