So, has your newsfeed been TRUMPED, too? 

My newsfeed this weekend was this weird twilight zone of political stories, activities, rebuttals, and other people who seemed to be going on with biz as usual — talking about “be a badass, creating impact, fuck fear, be a goddess” etc.

And frankly, it was confusing:
How do WE the people born to become leaders, react to the world news?
What do WE do about our marketing, our businesses?

—How do WE take a stand for what we believe in?
And still keep business rolling?

I’ve got some insights and 3 steps for you today to help deal with this.

If you’re in my tribe, I’ll assume you, too, believe in equal opportunities, empowerment for all. I have a tie-dyed heart: I dream of a world where everyone gets to feel FREE and LOVED, from the inside out.  Is that you too? 

Here’s the thing: With that’s happening in the world now, injustices, wars, fears of Trump being a next Hitler (you’ve seen this too, right?)

…  How do we keep ourselves and our business going in these turbulent times?

We’re conscious leaders and we want to keep our vibe high: Stay positive, focus on the outcomes we want.

We’re here to grow ourselves and create the future that’s in our dreams.

Yet, we still grow our own success stories, while honouring the day’s events, without ignoring the dreaded “news”.

But HOW? 

HOW can we BE THE CHANGE we want to SEE in our world? in *THIS* world?

Especially now when our world feels so turmoiled?

Frankly, that can feel overwhelming… hence this message and the tools.

As a LEADER, it’s your # 1 responsibility to LEAD YOURSELF back to feeling in charge.  And if you feel turmoiled inside, you won’t be able to solve anything.

(agree? Disagree? Comment below)

I’ve included 3 steps below on how you to go from Overwhelmed to Organized, right below.

so you can still take action, and lead, even in turmoiled times

STEP 1: DECIDE you’ll do what it takes to feel ORGANIZED internally and externally. 

While you don’t feel you’re “there” yet, you’re accepted you want to feel better, and like “you’ve got this”, not matter what.

STEP 2: MOBILIZE your INSIDE — your thoughts and emotions: 

  • Listen to your thoughts and feelings: See if they are helping or hindering you to move you forward.
  • Decide what you’d like to think and feel instead.
  • Get organized: decide on a simple thing you can do to shift your energy right away.
    Speaking what you want is a great hack to move you THROUGH the “stuff”

STEP 3:  Organize your OUTSIDE:

  • Decide on an action that feels good and helps you move forward.
  • Maybe you have a video or a post to share. Maybe you must write. Or reach out to others you need to work with. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to remember the future you’re here to create.

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Every day, you have a chance to move one brick in place to get you there.

The key is to become the person who can take the actions. 

The 3 steps above will help you feel clearer, more confident and on fire, with your work, as a leader.

You’ve got this. WE’ve got this.


PS: So it is business as usual? Yes and no.

You are here with a vision and mission for a reason. Deciding to quit on yourself now won’t be the best way to move forward.  It’s a dance of accepting how you feel, what you’re here to do, and deciding how you can do it in the new context. 

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