Let’s dive right in!  This is day 2 of a 7-day series as we lead up to Dream, Decide, Do, a 90-day adventure for 20 women who are ready to turn heads because they’re having their best frikkin’ fall (and life!) ever. We start in 7 days: it’s time to join now

Yesterday, we talked about soul bankruptcy and how everything you dream not only matters, but IS possible (here’s that post if you missed it.).

Today, we’re looking at “The Wall” that can keep woman with big hearts and dreams tearing their hair out, feeling like they’re spinning in circles, and secretly wanting to cry because nothing’s quite working out.

This wall stopped me for YEARS from taking action and really building the dreams that lived in my heart.

I got frustrated, put on extra weight, went through a health scare… and felt completely lonely in this phase of “window shopping” my dreams — and feeling stuck by something I couldn’t see.

Seeing and understanding the wall helped me become a better woman, wife, mother, coach — a better person —

And I’m passing the baton to you today, so you can become unstoppable now, when it matters!

So, What is this “WALL”?

“The Wall” is that invisible wall of fears and doubts that paralyze and trigger self-defeating habits.

Here are a few examples:

  • Fear of saying what you really think and feeling (I’m unhappy, I can do better)

  • Fear of asking for what you want (I’ll have what you’re having)

  • Fear of change (what if they don’t love me?)

  • Fear of failure (what if i never ‘make it’)

  • Fear of success & fear rejection (what if they can’t love me anymore if I ‘make it’)

  • Doubt you’re never enough or never ready (I’ll be ready when…)

  • Doubting you’re not worthy of what you want  (I don’t deserve… the love, money, recognition)

The list is vast and changes for each person — but the truth is these blocks will stop even the most gutsy and determined women if they are ignored.

Oh, and EVERYONE will or has experienced “THE WALL”. Even Oprah.

Think of the wall that she would’ve had leaving the security of her network show to start her OWN network. Precisely.

That said.

Being stopped by an invisible wall feel like a lonely, confusing place when some things, inexplicably feels “just out of reach…”

It’s like window shopping your dreams in the groundhog day movie!


The hard part of hitting this invisible “wall” is that it’s nearly impossible to spot the blocks that make your version of the wall on your own.

They are in the ‘blindspot.’


Blocks that are ignored can make turn a usually calm woman into a ‘Nervous Nellie… who might be like this:

Her days are busy — she’s racing a mile a minute… but snaps at those she loves… can’t fit into her fav’ jeans ‘cuz of the damn ‘good-for-you’ organic chocolate and cookies she keeps sneaking in…

At night, she’ll pop a melatonin to help her (unsuccessfully) sleep… only to toss on her soft pillow worried she’s messing up her life, her kids, her marriage… her career…

You’ve see her, too, right?

I don’t want this to happen to you.

I wasted years pretending I could see these blocks fully on my own. I couldn’t.

No one wants to lose herself in this way. Otherwise, your best years could be gone in a snap. And we’d all lose out on the everything you’re meant to live & create — your dreams.

So…  if you’re about to change your life and change your world into the one you dream of… and maybe change my life and others’ because of that, I want to help you get there.

In fact, I bet ‘your people’ agree. Because ‘your people’ are the ones you haven’t met yet, whose lives you WILL change once you get beyond  ‘the wall’. They’re waiting for you.

Now I used to doubt this perspective, too.

But today I have an audience in 31 countries and 5 continents. And this is just the beginning!

I had to get over some serious hangups to hit “publish” on posts, record videos, get on the phone and give my best. I don’t claim to be perfect, but I show up because you do, and we’re in this together.

So What Does a Girl With Big Dreams Have to do to Be BRAVER than FEAR?

She needs to ignite her COURAGE &
to be BRAVE, daily.

As in, every. single. day.

Choices that stretch you in a good way: Like the sweet burn of an amazing yoga pose.

This might take you out of your comfort zone — and that’s a good thing! Because that’s exactly where you’ll find what you want.


Here’s how

Step 1: DREAM

It’s time to get real with yourself — answer this fully:

  • How good will my life get once I am BRAVER than my FEARS?

Imagine your life without the holdups and excuses.

Who are you in that life?

What have you done in that life? 

Take 5 to reflect on this (journal, post, respond to this, periscope me!)

Step 2: DECIDE & DO

  • Decide: Step up, speak up, and commit >> DECLARE what you want to yourself It to yourself in the mirror. “I AM BECOMING UNSTOPPABLE!”
    Tell me. Tell a Girlfriend.

  • Do: Join a group of women who SEE the real you — who you are now AND who you’re becoming.They’ll see you THROUGH to the other side, believe in you when you forget.

I know this takes both courage AND commitment

And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about tomorrow on Day 3 of 7 Days to Unstoppable, focusing on Commitment.

I believe in you!

xo Anne-Sophie

PS: Get your brave on now and join Dream, Decide, Do. It’s time, Love! http://asdumetz.com/dream

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