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Yesterday, we explored how to become BRAVER than fear itself and I asked you:
“HOW GOOD are you going to let your life become?

If you answered “I don’t know” then today’s lesson is for you. 🙂


Let me get real honest with you: When I started by business, I put in A LOT of heart and energy, a lot of passion and purpose… But I lacked one ESSENTIAL key to successful dream building I’m about to reveal to you. It’s embarrassing, but I’m sharing anyway.

You see, I was always very ambitious, resourceful, go-getting and always very ‘busy:

Dreaming, deciding, connecting, engaging, building and getting a lightning bolt and dreaming all over again.

For a while, I was stuck in a marketing loop: Always coming back to the drawing board with new taglines, business names, free offers, and ways to “grow” my audience.

I used my brains to convince myself I was on track.

And yup, “the wall” definitely stopped me time and again.

But here’s a secret:

How you do things matter…

but WHO you are while you’re doing them matters more.

Look at it this way:

… Not every artist becomes a Picasso.

… Or every TV star an Oprah.

… Or every entrepreneur a Richard Branson.

… Or every Inventor an Elon Musk.

… Or ever national champion an Olympic medalist.

But the ones who DO know this secret: They know that HOW they do things matter, but WHO they are while they pursue their passions, dreams and ambitions matters even more.

And despite everything, they made a big, bold choice to BECOME the person who wins at their OWN life.

In those earlier days of my biz, I hadn’t yet CHOSEN to win.

So, I was stuck in this self-sabotaging cycle of indecision.

Being here sucked away my time, mojo, energy, resources, confident… the works.

I was unclear, uncertain and unable to reach the fuzzy goals I’d barely set. (and we’ll speak about true clarity tomorrow).

So… What’s next you ask?


Some of my clients who’s joined Dream, Decide, Do were in this exact cycle not for months, but years. And they are FINALLY ready to fuel their ambition with this secret weapon:


Now this isn’t only DECLARING in a mirror like we did yesterday — this is soulfully committing to always get up and keep going. Always show up, no matter what.

Be borderline fearless and completely obsessed with making it THROUGH to the other side of “the wall” and anything that’s been a hold up before.

True, deep, soulful commitment is FUEL to a girl who’s unstoppable.

This summer was a very personally challenging time for me. My husband and I both had health issues. At the same time. While being parents. We had to get creative.

I had a concussion that took me down when I was meant to rev ‘up my work.

My most-ever registered online class had major tech failures and I had to choose to keep going.

More than ever, I’ve had to choose deeply to keep going.

Be fierce. Be fearless and Be free.

I’ve had to turn the world’s “You Can’t Do This”  moments into “Watch Me” moments show the eff UP!

Acknowledge the fear, the discomfort, and keep going.


Step 1: Dream

  • What will my life look like once I COMMIT to being me, and everything I’m meant to be?

Seriously: Take 5 now to imagine your life when you complete everything you start, focus on the finish line, and feel great while doing it.

Imagine your life with the clear, sharp focus and support to really do what you tell others to do.

Imagine THAT version of you — Can you see her living her dreams?

What’s different from today?

Step 2: Decide

  • Are you ready to let go of the stories that have held you back and decide today?

  • Are you ready to do EVERYTHING in your power to become this version of you now, not later?

If you get a “Hell Yeah!”, read on.

And if you get a NO, then ask:

  • “What’s the 1 thing I need to let go of that would allow me to commit to myself and my dreams now?” When you know what that is and you’re ready to commit, move to step 3.

Step 3: DO → Make it real.

  • Put money on the table:

    • Sign up for a program like Dream, Decide, Do now.

  • Or, give your friend what is big $$$ to you now, give it a timeline and tell them that if you don’t complete what you’re starting, they get to keep it.

This is the part that’ll make you stick to your guns. Put your money where your mouth & soul is.

This works!

The #1 regret of the dying is that they’d had the courage to live a life true to WHO THEY ARE…

Not the life Others expected of them.

Today is as good a day as any to commit to showing up fully.

No more hold-ups — you can change your life now.

Do it for you, your children and for the people whose lives you’ll change once you do this.

All I know is this: 

The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.
But mostly the world needs dreamers who do. (
Sarah Ban Breathnach)

And I’d LOVE to see you commit to your DOING your dreams, and I’d LOVE to be there with you.

Commit. You’ve got this. Join us, it’s time!

xo Anne-Sophie

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