It’s day 4 of 7 days to Unstoppable! Yay!

This 7-day series leading up to the start of Dream, Decide, Do, a 90-day adventure that’s perfect for a woman who’s d.o.n.e with postponing her dreams — and is ready to take action this fall.

Who’s joining Dream, Decide, Do?

  • Moms whose kids are starting to school and who want to find their whole self again.
  • Women who have moved to a new town and feel it’s the right time to expand their business and personal horizons to become MORE of who they’re meant to be.
  • Moms who left a corporate career to create more work-life balance and pursue their long-time dreams of being their own boss.
  • Women who are in transition and open to letting go of old patterns & let their naturally confident Self emerge.

In Dream, Decide, Do, every woman receives transformational content and support from me during our Magic Lab group calls and half-day Magic Lab workshop (limited space for this!) AND you get access to 4 amazing guest-mentors. At the end of the program, you’ll also receive Magical Intentions Cheat Sheet for all 5 Key areas of your life & my most effective affirmations & afformations. Fun 🙂

All the details are on the program page here. It’s time to join, we start in a few days. (btw — you get lifetime access + a risk-free 1-year guarantee. yup!)

7 Days to Unstoppable: Recap

In the last three days, we covered

Today, we’ll recap and introduce the Golden Key that is vital to creating and attracting what you want, in any area of life: Soulful Clarity

But first… as your Dream Activation Coach, I gotta ask you to be sure you answered Qs in included in the last 3 days to help you clarify what your soul wants:

  • How good will your life get once you become BRAVER than your FEARS?
  • Are you ready to let go of the stories that have held you back & decide to WIN at your own life, starting today?
  • Are you ready to do EVERYTHING in your power to become the version of you who wins right now, not later?
        (if you’re get a no to Qs 3 and 4, ask: “What’s the 1 thing I need to let go of that would allow me to commit to myself and my dreams now?”
  • Are you ready to commit financially and invest in creating your dreams now — put money where your mouth is? if so, how?


Jot down your answers to these powerful questions — you can do this on the article pages linked above

And then, let’s continue:

Day 4 of 7 to Unstoppable: Soulful Clarity → aka, Soul’s Flashlight

Life without clarity is pretty confusing. Borderline depressing, really.

Before I kissed corporate life goodbye and put my soul on loudspeaker, I spent some long, confusing years. I remember feeling misunderstood, undervalued and feeling jaded by work I didn’t believe in. (it’s all here)

Living a dream that wasn’t mine felt like living with

a Black Hole in my soul.

It sucked  away all my energy, mojo and sucked the light out of my soul.

Leaving me empty, with nothing left to give.

But this isn’t a pity party!  That was then and this is now.

And now I have one thing I never had then: SOULFUL CLARITY.

And this, Love, is exactly what you need if you want to show up in your life feeling seen, heard, understood, meaningful, confident — knowing you matter immensely in your own life.

What’s Soulful Clarity, you ask?

It’s that deep sense of knowing that everything is as it should be:


→ There’s no shoulding, coulding or woulding…

→ Just being, feeling, doing and having exactly what’s right for you right now,

→ Feeling grateful for everything they have

→ Feel confident, empowered and deeply trusting in themselves, others and life

→ Thinking, speaking and acting with kindness, purpose and clarity

→ Feeling propelled in life by deep self-love, love for their life and world

In short, they believe in themselves, know how to keep their inner spark lit,

and can see the path ahead using that soulful clarity: soul’s flashlight.

It’s pretty damn good.

A woman who’s sparked her Soulful Clarity will easily handle any challenge feeling peaceful and resourceful.

She won’t freak out, she’ll handle with love and care. She won’t feel drained, she’ll feel energized and powerful, because no matter what happens, she knows she’s got this.

THIS is the Golden Key to making it through to “the Other side” — and having everything you want.

THIS is the feeling I want you to have in your life every single day.

So that even if it looks like sh*t’s hitting the fan, you are soulful clear, know yourself and you can tap into that natural confidence that’s sparked from within.

You can move forward finding soul-utions to the situations (not problems) in a ways that feel good to you.
This is what I want for you.

Because it’s from THAT place that you can not only change your life, you can also change your world. And we’re here to change the world one heart, and home at a time.


Step 1: Dream→  Guided Navel Gazing: Through a series of powerful questions, you are guided to see your path and to spot exactly what is blocking you from soulful clarity.

Step 3: Decide →  Investigating: Next, your answers are analyzed and we identify the root cause of the blocks you have to overcome to get to on your true path.

Step 3: Do → Magical Action Planning: From this, we can plot what actions need to be taken, and in what sequence, to clear the blocks completely and be building what you desire.

This 3-step process is included in the Dream, Decide, Do program for every woman who joins.

Join us now to start this journey soulful clarity and to feeling confident as start to truly be, do, have and feel everything you’re meant for in this life.

Oh yeah… you’ve only go one of those, remember?
xo Anne-Sophie

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