It’s day 6 of 7 of to Unstoppable, a 7-day series that’s for you if you’re ready to claim your next big thing in life or biz. It’s also part of the start of Dream, Decide, Do, a 90 days program for ambitious women on a mission. We start in 3 Days… and read on for a surprise! Yay!

Today’s edition is all about Being SEEN, Feeling HEARD & Creating Momentum… I bring you right into my journal today (for real) because today’s lesson is for the woman who’s felt tapped in and inspired, and then lonely, scared and misunderstood so decided to give up too soon.

Yes, I’ve been that woman. So lady, if this has been you, today’s stories and lessons are for us.

Today I had the incredible pleasure to support Katie McFarland, one of the ladies in Dream Decide, Do. During her one hour Make Me Unstoppable Session, we zeroed on the top strategies to get her client quickly while also positioning herself as an expert in her field. She’s only in her 3 weeks of business after leaving the corporate world — and it was awesome!

I don’t offer many of these as single sessions because results happen over a series of sessions, not just one… But man, they are awesome! Why? Because we focus the session on the #1 thing that will give you momentum asap: This can be upgrading your Money Mindset, Making your Marketing more Magnetic, or identifying how you can get your Mojo back.

Here’s the surprise testimonial I got after Katie’s session:

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Day 6/7: How to feel Heard, Empowered, Understood and Momentum When Like you’re The ONLY want with a Big Dream & Big Ambition

It’s March 2013 and I’m snuggled on my leather sectional, journal in hand, scribbling madly.

Green ink fills the pages with words drawn from deep within my soul. I write:

“I see A world where Women Lead because they are Free.”

“I’m here to cut away of BS of culture — as women, it makes us feel ugly, useless, powerless, victimized, inferior and robs us of our power.

“I’m here to re-empower women to get back to themselves and their true power. The power which lives within them, and lead them to create the world of beauty they know in their core needs to exist in the world outside of them.”.

I felt on fire, tapped into my soul and truth.

But then, I wrote this:

“I’m Scared of the Magnitude, enormity of this mission, this message, I know to be my truth.”

And what do you think happened next?


Well not exactly.

I got scared. Felt lonely. Confused. Paralyzed and unable to move. Misunderstood and like I had a big heart but was “playing small” — failing at my “big life mission”.

In short, the more I wanted to succeed and do big, the more I stopped myself.

And this, my friend, isn’t how you change your life or change your world.

So, how did I get out of it?


A year later, was in a room with 40 other luminaries – women and men who’d also been inspired to move mountains to change their world by doing their soul’s work. I had invested (yes, big $$$) in myself and what I was here to do — to get the support and tribe I needed to get into my new life.

And there, when I spoke of my mission, vision and dreams, no one thought I was crazy.

All of them were inspired and became my #1 fans.

I felt heard.




Excited for the future.



I was no longer alone.


And I’m still close friends today with many of these people and we help each other always in life and biz.

And that community made up of the RIGHT people is just what I needed to make it through, take action and move from daydreaming do dreaming, deciding and doing.

And here we are now:

TRIBE is the secret sauce to creating what you want in your life.

In my world, a Soul Tribe means a community of people who love and support each other, no matter what. Who see and hear one another deeply.

This is what’s part of Dream, Decide, Do — A Soul Tribe — a Sisterhood — to shoulder you, lift you and empower you when you need to hear that you’ve got this.

Today, the ONLY task I’m assigning you is to answer:



  • What do you see Possible for yourself once you have my support AND a sisterhood of women who like you, are ready for their next big thing?
  • Are you ready to receive the unconditional love and support of like-minded women who believe in YOU?


Answer this honestly. And if you’re a yes, then you know what to do.


xo Anne-Sophie

PS: here’s the page to get started:

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