In the coming week I’m sharing the 5 core challenges that come up as your build your dreams & my recipe to be and feel unstoppable.

This will get personal — I might overshare!

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Today is Day 1 of 7: Soul Bankruptcy to Unstoppable…

Story time!

For months on end, I’d look out dreamily from the window of my 19th floor government cubicle, imagining the day I’d be have a laptop lifestyle, living my water and mountains. I so wanted to matter and make a difference. 

But I felt invisible and insignificant.

Truth is, I was scared sh*tless of doing what it takes to live my dreams. And all I wanted was to matter and make a real difference. Change lives, ya know?

I felt trapped. Months went by and I got sick. Really sick, ending up in the ER on my birthday with a dangerous bacterial infection, and then with an IV for a solid month.

I was below rock bottom: MY SOUL FELT MORE BANKRUPT THAN MY BURNTOUT BODY. Something had to change.

And that’s when I made a big, bold choice:

  • I was gonna “MAKE IT”.
  • And do whatever it took to get my life, mojo and health back.
  • Give my kids a chance to know the “Real Me” now, not when they’re all grown up.
  • A little spark inside me decided to become Unstoppable: Get bolder & braver than any fears or doubts.

It wasn’t sexy at first… but then I…

  • …stopped putting my energy behind projects I didn’t believe in, and gave myself a voice, a worldwide audience now reaching 31 countries and 5 continents.
  • …traded in cubicle for lakeside and mountain view in a town filled with vineyards (happy french girl!)
  • … Spent close to 20K in mentorship and coaching to invest in myself (this was beyond scary.)
  • … Got healthier and gave myself a and a way to change lives, one heart and home at a time… starting in my own heart and home.

Today, I live a 20 second barefoot walk to the lake (seriously, I’m about to go dive in!), I feel happy, healthy vibrant and lead a rich life, inside an out. I’m still growing, not perfect, but I know I have what it takes to make it, because I AM making it already. It’s happening right now. (pinching myself here)

I feel significant, confident and feel I’m making a difference in people’s lives.

I love celebrating a client who’s graduating from feeling stuck or unworthy of her secret dreams for years, to having it all : health, amazing mindset, hot relationship, kids who can’t get enough of them & business that’s awesome.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to plant this seed in your soul & heart now:


There IS a path to feeling great & getting what you want. YES!

It requires courage, being bold and upgrading + loving yourself deeply.

And on the next post, that’s exactly where we’ll pick up:

On what it takes to be brave and the cost of NOT getting over your hangups on your and those you love.

In the meantime — If you’re ready to BE your best while you Dream, Decide & Do, join this group of amazing women now.

xoxo Anne-Sophie


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