(As featured in Rebelutionary Life Magazine‘s issue “The Pleasure Cure“, available for iOS)

Become BFFs with the little girl in you, and make sure your grown-up life is the fun, fulfilling, playful world you dreamed of as a child.

{ Now sit back and see yourself as a girl. You’re a six-year-old again. Take a big breath… here we go! }

—Hi! I’m Anne-Sophie. Wanna play?


And off we go. Off into the unknown, skipping our little hearts out down a dusty, rocky path, stopping to count some pebbles, jump in a puddle, plucking daisies and making mudcakes. Sunshine on our faces, our minds are free and our hearts are open. Our default gear is set to “Play” — Full Throttle, as we hurl ourselves into the world.

And we are ALIVE. We feel it all — The mud’s earthy smell, the chirps of our winged friends in the big blue sky, the breeze tussling our hair. We are, as grown ups would say, “awake and smelling the coffee.” The world is bright, bold, fresh and colourful. And so are we. Do you see us?

What we are not doing is banking — our playtime, that is. We’re having every ounce of pleasure we can squeeze out of each and every day. We may even be eating a mudcake along with it, too. Because instinctively, we know that we need this playtime as much as we need anything else. And our pleasure bank is absolutely full, yielding interest to us daily.

And as we play, we are saying YES to ourselves, to our true soul essence. That piece of ourselves that just wants to have fun.

{Close your eyes. Breathe. You’re a grown up again}

That little girl, my darling, loves wearing feather boas, costumes and wild jewellery as much as you do. And every day, when you walk over to your mirror and look up, who do you see? It’s you, and her… playfully smirking back at you, saying “‘Good morning! Wanna play?!”

Now, be truthful. What did you say to her this morning? And what will you say to her, that cute little you, when she guides you, next time, to that pure, true part of you who just wants to feel alive?

I give you permission. Right now. Be a big, brave, bold adult. Become the kind of role model she definitely deserved, and teach her true freedom of heart, mind, body and soul.

By all means, accept her invitation. Say YES to her — to YOU — and empower yourself to say NO to all the other crap that’s stopping your momentum to live with full breaths and open arms. Not tomorrow like grown ups. Today, like kids.

You were born with the knowledge of self-love. Of pleasure. You were born to this! To first and foremost do what *feels* right. To please your senses. {Picture a baby truly tasting the world!}

And take a pledge to your pleasure, for Her. She’s desperately asking you to. And as you do it, you’ll see that you are growing up into the woman she truly wants to have as her home. And together, hand-in-hand, you’ll skip through life, jumping over the puddles and landing in the gold-filled pots at the end of rainbows. Having fun and enjoying the benefits along the way. All you needed was her nudge.
Now, will you indulge her already? Because powerful women don’t wait until tomorrow to live their life today.

With love and bubbles,

xo Anne-Sophie

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