In 2009, when my life got too comfortable, and I with it, I realized I was fucked. 

Despite the Stretchy Comfort, yoga-wear-mentality was wearing out my life.

Why? Because my yoga-pant-mentality and daily life as a newish mother felt stretchy, comfy (roomy even), predictable (like my well-loved Lululemons), and never gave me a wedgie. Every day, my daily grind showed up right alongside my trusty yoga pants. And for a time, I was happy. On the outside, I was glowing — round bum and all, but there was nothing sexy about my life.

Somehow, even in my roomy garb, I started to get sneaky Life Wedgies. At first, it was my apartment, “Too small for a family of 3!”… Even if a family of 4 now lives there (our friend Anya lovingly joked our apartment had ‘camel toe’.) So, we moved to a bigger house and a bigger life. We had another child. I got another job with more money and supposed satisfaction. And another parental leave.

While I had more money and room to play, life also got more complicated: With more needs to be met. More stuff. More ‘crap’ to deal with. So much more to be ‘comfortable’ that I ended up with so much less: Less time. Less money. Less energy. Less love for life. And deep inside, I felt persistent knots starting to build.


These goddam Energy Wedgies {it’s a new term, use it!}; they were keeping me from showing up full throttle and living my life. And so it hit me:

Life Gives you Uncomfortable ‘Wedgies’ to Show things just don’t fit. {tweet it}

Sometimes it’s better for life to give you an uncomfortable wedgie to show you that things just don’t fit. {Tweet it!}

Life ain’t fun when it gives you wedgies. Trust me. 
And unlike undies, it’s harder to adjust and move on; especially with kids. It takes a large, heaping pile of commitment and support to pick, go, and get your groove on.

Picking serious Life and Energy Wedgies takes a consistent series of radical actions. This is not for the faint-of-heart. You’ll have to commit daily to ‘unwedgify’ your life, and get yourself out of the pickle you’ve put yourself in.

How to get Unstuck & Get your Groove On Again:

5 essential shifts to get your groove on, especially if you’ve been stuck as a parent. Or how to pick The Wedgies life’s giving you.

1. Curate your life with truth: What feels good? What hurts? What’s gotta go? What’s missing? Seek, find, fulfill.

2. Open your eyes and heart: See the knots that pick away at you. Ask a friend to help you see ’em, so you can loosen and remove ‘em. Don’t expect this to happen overnight.

3. Stop snoozing yourself: Wake up early — no snooze button, people! Peel yourself out of bed and do the one thing you knew last night would get your grooviest day going (I’m going for a morning run tomorrow! I’m making fresh juice! I’m purging all this useless crap!). Repeat this daily.

4. Reset your Mindset: If you fail on your commitment today to show up, be truthful and do your thing, forgive yourself and move on. Reset to a fresh start, daily.

5. Do it the Fun Way: If something’s too hard to deal with, then play. Play yourself out of it. What’s the fun way to deal with it? What’s the funner side of your life? Seize your Playtime! Revel in its goodness.

{ This is just a starter list for you to grow  —  share you tips in the comments below this post! }

Here’s the deal: Life is not the one giving atomic wedgies. We do it to ourselves. We only get really stuck in our life when we end up living in a web of self-imposed lies; when we stray from our own personal truth and avoid being our true self, out loud and all, in our whole life and world. That is when we feel tangled up inside and unclear about our life and vision.

When as ‘grown ups’ we start to ask why we have persistent inner knots, and why life is giving us something large to pick, we have to ask:

Do I stay living with a ‘wedgie’, or can I get comfortable living on my Edge?

In 2009, I was becoming a good parent, but not yet a great one.  The wedgies life gave me forced me to ask really good, but tough, questions. And great answers only come from great questions…

…Read part 2 of this story here: Wedgie to Edgy: Why Getting Uncomfortable Makes You Grow 

In the meantime, leave a comment or question. I read every single one.
When has life given you a “Wedgie”? What did you do about it? How did your actions change your life?

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When has life given you a “Wedgie”? What did you do about it? How did your actions change your life?

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