Are you ready for 5 days of more Guts, more Truth, less Bullshit?

Where you ditch Fears, and go where you’ve been called to go….
but haven’t yet dared?


You’re done staying under the radar.
And You want to be found by the people whose life you’re MEANT to change.

You were born to be a Changemaker.

Your work and words destined to spark change & ignite millions of personal revolutions, now.

But you can’t do your Changemaker Work
until you become your Changemaker Self.


Become the one who gets easily noticed,
because she can’t be ignored. Period.

During this 5-day adventure you will:

Day 1:
Your Changemaker VISION
(Claim Your big, blue sky vision)

Day 2:
Meet Your True Soul Tribe 

(whose life you’re meant to change?)


Day 3:
Your Changemaker Message

(What words will resonate with and reach your tribe?)


Day 4: Your Changemaker Impact
(How will your impact  will
be felt and seen by your Destined Clients?)

Day 5: You Changemaker Identity
(SEE the woman you’re meant to become
+ Start being her NOW)

It’s time you awaken the changemaker within.


And NAME and CLAIM WHY you are here, WHAT you’re meant to do,
WHOSE life you’re MEANT to change and HOW.

So you can start to create that future — and that impact — now.

And it all starts with YOU. And it starts NOW

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Before working with Anne-Sophie, the message for my business was all over the place and I felt stuck about how to change it so that it attracted great clients. My Message Clarity Session with Anne-Sophie was the “bomb-diggity! Priceless! She helped me focus and hone in on a clear message for my ideal clients. With my new and aligned message, I have now had the confidence and clarity to re-brand my business and I’m excited about growing this new evolution of my business. I’m so grateful I said, “yes,” to working with Anne-Sophie.

Vicki Lewis

Anne-Sophie Dumetz your amazing insights and perception and intuition kept hitting home runs. I now feel like i can really take my authentic message to the world. I have been to many many branding coaches and you took it for me.where absolutely no one else could. Anyone is lucky to have worked with you. And yes dear friend, co-creation is here to stay!!! One love, one path…the Connected Universe!

Dr. Leysa Anna

Executive Producer, The Connected Universe Movie

Her insightful deep dive questions such as asking me what is my Inner Everest that I’m trying to climb. Combined with her honest assessment of the area in my life where I am not walking my talk by trying to honor being a stay at home mom when my fulfillment has evolved to serving a larger purpose through my work as a Relationship Fulfillment Coach. Her key observations unlocked the truth in me that was keeping me stuck and blocking my flow.

Sarah Madras

Esteem Builders Coaching