Get Clear about Your True Message,
Confident about Your Brand Story

For Visionary Women Leaders who are d.o.n.e feeling plateaued and want to move on to their next level

Brand Clarity Intensive:

Uncover the true work and message you,

and your empire-worthy

brand are meant to become know for.

Become a CLEAR MESSENGER, who’s 100 % CLEAR (0% confused)

You’ve hired branding and message coaches. You’ve done the ideal client and message clarity work.

So why does a part you still feel uninspired, unclear and uncertain about WHAT content to create and share?

Or, you’re clear enough, but have a tiny doubt or fear (I like to call those “doubt-lets” and “FEARlets”) about what could stop you as your rise?

From your website, to your opt-in or your offers… a hidden part of your doubts you have it “right”

That ends now.

For Visionary Women Leaders, born to become CHANGEMAKERS in their world.

In two, deep-dive sessions, you’ll become a CLEAR MESSENGER who has a CLEAR MESSAGE and WORK.

Why does this work? What’s different from every other person you’ve hired?

Before we tackle any of your marketing, we’ll identify any blocks that prevent confidence and clarity to emerge.

Working through insightful and intuitive questions, we’ll identify the REAL REASON why you’re meant to do the work you do, and REFRAME and release any old story that held you back into your Superpower.

As a trained reporter, women’s empowerment specialist and intuitive coach, you’ll get the support to finally stand in the clear message that’s meant just for you.

These were INCREDIBLE SESSIONS.  I’ve been with multiple branding coaches and Anne-Sophie took it for me where absolutely no one else could.

Before, I was uninspired, even after months of brand clarity work. But THIS! I can bite into.

With THIS, I can write my story and message And FEEL confident. Anne-Sophie your amazing insights and perception and intuition kept hitting home runs.”

— Dr. Lesya Anna, Executive Producer, The Connected Universe Movie



Once you’re fully signed up, you’ll receive a personalized welcome packet to get started with clarity pre-work.

Next, you’ll book your two Message Clarity Sessions, about one week apart. You’ll have access to my calendar to schedule these when it works for you.

We meet over a private conference line, and you’ll receive a recording and notes I take for you during your sessions, so you feel supported and clear throughout.


You receive two full weeks of email support to ensure you’re completely clear and supported throughout.

What's the Brand & Message Clarity Process?

Before we dive into our live sessions, you’ll receive some preparatory questions in your welcome package.

The questions are designed to help us identify where you need the most clarity and what parts of your journey and story are relevant in your brand.  The will review your answers together during our first session  and start to identify your key brand message.

I'm not sure I have the right niche anymore. Will this help?

Absolutely!  If you felt plateaued, or unsure that you are still serving the right niche because you’re ready to opt level, we will be able to identify how to fully align to the market segment that  will be right for you to move your brand forward.

How much is it? How long will it take?

The tuition is $997, or two payments of $597. This includes two deep-dive sessions, 75 minutes each and email support for two weeks.

I've "tried it all". How will I know this will work for me?

If you are truly ready to get clear, and know you are on the verge of a breakthrough,  but feel like you’re spinning a little bit in circles than I can definitely help you. I use playful approaches as well as intuitive insights to give you clarity, fast. Some of my clients have called me borderline psychic, but what I do it listen very deeply to what you are saying, hear what you don’t say, and help put words to all that so you can let clarity emerge from within.


One payment of $1497 or three payments of $597

My Message Clarity Session with Anne-Sophie was the “bomb-diggity! Priceless!

Before working with Anne-Sophie, the message for my business was all over the place and I felt stuck about how to change it so that it attracted great clients. She helped me focus and hone in on a clear message for my ideal clients.

With my new and aligned message, I have now had the confidence and clarity to re-brand my business and I’m excited about growing this new evolution of my business.

I’m so grateful I said, “yes,” to working with Anne-Sophie.”

Vicki Lewis

Empowerment Coach, On Target Mentoring