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Her slogan: “I’m not sure I can say that.”

These women are online entrepreneurs — coaches, marketers, speakers or healers — whose stay under the radar because they resist sharing who they are fully.

Think of these as their (curable) symptoms

  • Hidden Helens will stop themselves from building the programs, offers or platform if someone else goes there first. Secretly, she thinks, that message (or platform) is already taken, so why would anyone trust me?”
  • They will hesitate, avoid or postpone taking a stand…. The truth is, they haven’t (yet) had guts to boldly say what they think OUT LOUD or in public. They are bright women with bold ideas. They journal, actively wonder and think of their work, message and missing. They share with a biz bestie over Skype coffee or FB chat… but are afraid to proclaim their truth to the world. They may not feel safe being seen and heard to a bigger audience.
  • As a result, their days feel unproductive. They overthink versus act.
    For example, she could have an inspired idea that she edits so much she ends up deleting it and not sharing it.


Deep down, these women don’t trust themselves enough to build the momentum that’ll help their biz take off.  They are actively resisting success because they fear it. And so, many will hold back on being visible and showing up the way they know they should.

Some secretly wonder if they’ll be able to handle being visible, having 100s or 1,000s of notifications, receiving opportunities they say they want, managing all the technology, etc.

Others may fear their work will go under the radar, so they don’t share it widely — and therefore stay under the radar, where it’s more known and “safe”.

While these sensitive, bold and bright souls have been personal development junkies, they still have hidden blocks they resist investigating.


First, just know that every entrepreneur at some point has been a Hidden Helen. Fear of success and failure are common causes of the symptoms described above. The solution lies in acceptance and action. What you resist persists. It’s important that anyone with traces of or “full blown Hidden Helen-itis” takes bold and loving action, and starts to map out the steps of her own changemaker journey.

This will include both personal AND business growth. But one won’t happen without the other.
And every woman’s path will be unique. There will be common elements, but the best way to get started is to book a Discovery Session, to discuss your quiz results privately, and map the true steps required on the changemaker path, and how to incorporate the key elements of the She’s a Changemaker Leadership Wheel in your path to feeling safe being seen, heard, productive and creating your version of success.