Ready to BE the expert 
& share your message with confidence?

To dig up your purpose and make it the platform for everything you do?

To inspire the shit out of your people, feel 100% ready and say YES
to every opportunity to guest post, be featured or interviewed?

You probably know you *just* have to be yourself, but you worry it’s not enough.

And stop avoid the spotlight for fear you don’t have the right words.

Your MESSAGE is meant
to MATTER and MOTIVATE many people the world over.
… But sometimes you still feel like the world’s best kept secret.



Clarity. Confidence & Clout

A one-of-a-kind experience to 

Uncover your Message,
Finesse your Delivery
& Broadcast your Voice

This exclusive VIP experience is for the woman ready to OWN her changemaker story,
uncover her true message, so she can connect to the masses
and be found by clients whose lives she’s MEANT to change.


You will go from

“what the heck do I say when I’m featured or interviewed?”

I am clear, confident and ready to change the world with my voice.”

And what we do is also give you an extra dose of Clout. How?
By featuring you side-by-side with ESTABLISHED changemakers. Keep reading for more.

What is it?

This is a 7-part private coaching experience to get clear on your message, practice it so you are confident speaking it, while helping find the unique Soul Diamondsof your Changemaker Story and Core Brand Message.

As a leader, it’s important you totally OWN every aspect of your story
– not just the past, but also the future you are creating.

Owning your changemaker story and
message is 
the first step to holding
the pen on creating a future you love.

Together we’ll:

✅ Help you feel clear and confident about your messaging so you can present it to an audience

✅ Uncover core phrases to present your work so it sounds UNIQUE to you.

✅ Identify key soundbites — quotables and tweetables — 

to use in all your marketing to make your brand shine. These will be words you’ll become known for.

✅Identify and show you multiple ways to repurpose your words so what you already have can reach more people faster.

This is not only about messaging, brand confidence, clarity or visibility.
It’s about becoming your true CHANGEMAKER SELF. 

By the end of Clarity, Confidence and Clout,
you’ll feel fully confidence in how you share your story
and work, so you can be positiionned as a go-to voice in your industry. 


Plus, you’ll become a featured guest to
the She’s a Changemaker Show,
where industry leaders share their best stories. 

Being featured with the best helps you become seen as one of the best.

(This is what’s known as  “credibility hack“, or shortcut) 


★ Stage 1: Preparation ★

What do you want to become known for?

You’ll receive a playbok to help prepare you and start to extract your soul diamonds and brand gems,
to share during your interview.

★ Stage 2: Green Room:★

Preparing to Shine (60-minute session)

Together, we’ll identify the CORE message and concepts behind your brand story… and your changemaker story.  We’ll review your signature system, or establish what it needs to become. Then, we map out the interview flow, your legacy soundbites and media lines.
Plus, we have a crash course on studio set-up and how to be an empoered guest. 

★ Stage 3: Dress Rehearsal★

 (60-minute session)

  • We record your LIVE interview… just between us.
  • You’ll practice your messaging, story, and we’ll identify soul diamonds in your message.
  • This is all done in a  REAL interview setting to
    help you STEP into your “expert” self.
  • PLUS: review sound, ligthting, “expert mindset” and delivery, Voice. 

★ Stage 4: Review & Finesse: Extracting your Gems★

 (60-minutes: Confidence & Clarity Boost!)

Together, we review your Dress Rehearsal, and pull out your gold – the soundbites and stories that stand out.

Now this part is one that most people will skip.

However, it’s important as we’ll actually find the places where your tone, body language that can be finessed, so boost your know, like and trust factor. This is when we start to discuss the support documents to help you grow your media portfolio.

★ Stage 5: Live. Action. Camera! ★

(60 minutes)

  • We go LIVE and record your Feature Interview!
  • This is the version that will be edited and featured on the upcoming She’s a Changemaker  Show, Social Media, and beyond, providing it’s a good fit for everyone.
  • You’ll also receive a raw copy to extract key gems for your own marketing.

★ Stage 6: Be Your Own Media Empire★

(60 minutes)

  • We create your custom plan, and identify how you can leverage the gems from this process and interview.
  • You’ll learn HOW to re-purpose content and we’ll discus customized strategies can work for you and your biz.
  • We’ll also address any technical issues you need to feel 100% confident moving forward with sharing your work.

Final Stage: Post Production & Implementation

Two 20-minute strategy and implementation sessions to put your custom plan in place.

PLUS. You get VIP support and email access during the entire experience

Clarity, Confidence & Clout
IS the first step to get clear on your true message, story and work,
and how you can share it and leverage it to the world,
connect with your destined audience,
and be seen as an expert and changemaker.

And that confidence, clarity and clout will
open up all kinds of opportunity for you. 

This program is currently limited to 12 women each year.


$4,997 USD

or 4 monthly payments of $1374.


✅  Your Expert Interview (raw digital files)

✅  Your interview features on She’s a Changemaker Show (Podcast + YouTube Channel)

✅  A Media-Ready Kit

✅  Clarity on your CORE brand message and story

✅  Confidence in expressing WHO you are and WHAT you do and WHO you serve

✅  7 Private Coaching Session

✅  Twelve weeks of VIP coaching support (email + voice messaging)

  Tech mysteries, solved! (lights, audio, video)

✅  A plan to repurpose your interview well beyond this experience. 

  And of course… a tonne of confidence and clarity on your brand, message and packages. 

This work helped me remember my own voice.

The whole process felt real:  I knew it was a rehearsal, and it felt SAFE knowing that nobody was really listening…It feels like a really safe space to practice help make sense of my message.

It gives me confidence that I’m now clear: And that gives me the courage to show up the way that I am now, and share it now, without thinking I’m not ready.

I have more confidence that my voice is making sense, because I’m ready. I don’t have to apologize for anything.

Now, because I believe in my words and what I say — everyone will receive my words in a new way because I believe in myself and my vibe. 

Kasia Rachfall

Intuive Healer and Artist, Kasia Rachfall


During your Clarity, Confidence & Clout Experience
We’ll demystify technical aspects (lighting, sound, video, what to wear)
and you’ll receive checklists, so it’ll be easy for you to always shine when you are being featured.

This is not just a VIP Day, or VIP Service: It’s an Experience to help you E-X-P-A-N-D, personally and professionally.

It’s about tapping into the MOST powerful version of you and sharing that part of you and your story with the world.


  • You know you’re a changemaker but you still feel like the world’s best-kept secret.
  • You see yourself as a big player, but the world doesn’t know that or see that in you yet.
  • You know your work is gold, but still don’t fully own its value.
  • You’re ready to increase your visibility, reach, rates and grow your client base.
  • A part of your purpose and message feels a bit elusive, and you want to fully OWN so your ideal audience can feel a deep connection to your and your work. You’ll become a trusted advisor.
  • You feel on track, very close to having the “right message and story” and want expert support and a safe environment to find the words that’ll capture your essence and the true power of your work.
  • You’re ready to feel confident about seeking speaking and media opportunities
  • You have an audience (mailing list, social media, free or paid community), but you’re not yet getting the result or reach you desire and feel ready to shift that.
  • You want to have a professionally edited interview where you shine to feature you online, and understand the multiple ways to repurpose and reuse your content online to grow your reach.

I loved being interviewed by Anne-Sophie as it was not only a powerful conversation but it was flat out FUN! It’s so soooo much more enjoyable as a guest when your interviewer knows how to put you at ease and help you feel like it’s a cosy chat over wine or coffee and not something you need to ‘perform for’. I’d highly recommend letting Anne-Sophie pull the good stuff out of you and share your message in a bigger way!

Kat Loterzo Author, Speaker and Success Mentor to Driven Women Who Want it All

Kat Loterzo


Once you’re fully signed up, you’ll receive a personalized welcome packet to get started with clarity pre-work.

You’ll also receive VIP access to my calendar and you’ll book your 7 sessions, about one-week apart, and receive access to the private voice messaging system reserved for  VIP clients.

We’ll meet over a private conference line, and over skype. You’ll receive a recording and notes during for every session.

You receive 12 weeks of email support from the moment we start to ensure you’re completely clear and supported throughout.

We’ll complete your sessions over 8-9 weeks, and then you’ll have two extra weeks to have my support while you work on getting booked and featured on other media platforms. (we’ll talk about near the end of your program)

What's your media background?

I have worked in television (Host, Reporter, Talk Show columnist), radio (reporter) and the press (magazines, online publications, newspapers) and I’ve interviewed hundreds of cultural and business influencers for close to 15 years.

I studied Journalism and Women’s Empowerment, and have studied in-depth how to use interviews to draw out the gold nuggets and valuable information from the person who’s in the “hot seat”. At the same time, my experience presenting content on TV, radio or online through videos and interviews helps me to present content in a way that engages the audience and makes the interviewee shine.

I guarantee you’ll feel loved, supported, and more confident than ever when we record YOUR interview and make your content SHINE.

What If I'm too nervous to sound good?

This program is designed to help you feel safe, supported while we draw out your story and content. I’ll be there to support YOU, and help YOU shine.

If you want to become a public speaker, getting clear on your message and story while building up your marketing and branding during an interview is a solid way to get started, because it’s much less intimidating. Especially when you have me on your side to help you feel super confident throughout the process.

Plus, remember we start with a “dress rehearsal interview” which will allow you to grow in confidence and clarity before we go “live” with your feature interview

How much is it?

You can pay in full $4997 USD or choose three monthly payment plan of $1374.

This tuition includes a lot of personal, communications, confidence and technical coaching and learning. Plus, you’ll also receive polished marketing products to help you promote yourself after this experience wraps up.

How much support do I receive?

We meet 7 times in total, plus you have email and voice support for a full 90 days. The whole program will be about 90-days from start to finish.

Program Tuition

One payment of $7500 (save $750)
or Three monthly payments of $2750


You interview will be between 25-45 minutes long, and will convey core brand message you want to convey.
You’ll have a chance to convey your story, and also present your expertise. We’ll get you ready to do just that!

Your finished interview will have a video intro, your name under your image, plus other edits as appropriate such as a quote, or the URL when appropriate. The goal: Make you look PRO because you ARE pro.
Your interview will be as casual or as polished as YOU want it.
We will determine the look, style and delivery format that’ll work for your audience and brand.

About the interviews on this page:
These interviews were recorded for a speaker series. I did not work with these women to prepare them.
They are very casual conversations, but filled with content.

Before working with Anne-Sophie, the message for my business was all over the place and I felt stuck about how to change it so that it attracted great clients. She helped me focus and hone in on a clear message for my ideal clients.

With my new and aligned message, I have now had the confidence and clarity to re-brand my business and I’m excited about growing this new evolution of my business.

I’m so grateful I said, “yes,” to working with Anne-Sophie.”

Vicki Lewis

Empowerment Coach, On Target Mentoring

One payment of $4997 USD.

three payments of $1374