For women leaders here to Spread Love & Change Lives

Here, we don’t talk about it. We DO it.

Sure, we have dreams and plans and big, fat hairy goals.
But we also have one other thing:

The GUTS to get shit done. Every. Single. Day.

We are the visionary leaders, who are spreading love — walking out talk, changing lives.

The She’s a Changemaker Club was created for women on fire.

The ones who know the drive inside them will burn them alive if they don’t get the job done.

We are women on a mission to change the world—and we won’t stop until we do.


Inside the club, you have access to proprietary info,
like how to sell and feel amazing, creating action plans,
gaining clarity, monthly live Q&A calls,
guest experts and MAJOR confidence building.

In here, you learn to become the boss—
the woman who achieves, executes, grabs the brass ring.

You get:

  • Empowerment Ass Kickin’ Calls (every month!)
  • 21 lessons to help you Spread Love & Make Sales
  • Changemaker Action Planning → around your niche, message, sales, strategy + soulful action taking
  • Access to established experts
  • Monthly Office Hours to help you get back into your groove.
  • Access to exclusive deals on VIP programs

Everything you needed to take DELIBERATE, INTENTIONAL actions and grow yourself and your biz, at your pace, with a tribe of like-minded women.

NO FLUFF. Just action + accountability + great content.

Simple? Yes.

Powerful? Definitely.

No one will be left behind.

  • 1x month: Empowerment Ass Kicking Calls (for coaching, accountability & more)
  • Virtual Coven for Changemaking Sisters… who like, you, have a fierce fire that need to be nurtured and sparked into something great

Investment:  $47 monthly


Get started right now for just $7 for your first month.