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as a CHANGEMAKER who’s impossible to ignore:


Happy Clients Say:

I found clarity on
“what I want to be when I grow up,”.
.. I have exciting goals that
make this a REALITY!

Her Content os absolutely inspired,
compelling & kick-ass-make-a-difference...

such a pleasure and revealed exactly what I need to do next in my life and business


Anne-Sophie helps you fast-forward your dreams
into reality in a playful, fun, no-bullshit way!


[her] coaching has empowered me… I’m more present, grateful, and focused than I’ve been in a long, long time

such a wonderful mirror… helped me through some difficult life-path questions…
genuinely cares about your success!

full of positive and infectious energy...
a creative spirit who practices what she preaches


helped me to better use my limited energy and tackle new challenges with humour,  focus, and flexibility!

The business and life coaching I’ve done with Anne-Sophie has been truly TRANSFORMATIVE.

Anne-Sophie has helped me break through so many blocks that have held me back. I am so pumped about all the dreams that are coming to fruition through our work together.

Getting over my fears and insecurities has been my biggest challenge. I used to be terrified of follow-up calls… But I recently make several follow-up calls without even blinking AND they ALL said YES! This is the power of a good coach.

If you are looking to birth some big dreams and need support, I highly recommend Anne-Sophie.

Joyelle Brandt

creator of, the Love Your Body Summit

Before working with Anne-Sophie, I didn’t trust myself or believe in myself. Now I do.

I feel SAFE to be who I am and express myself into the world, in a way that’s meaningful to ME and that will help others

The part of me that wasn’t showing up—in my work, my message—for myself is FINALLY here.

It’s the first time I’ve had someone else really hold space for me,
to help me show up in my life and work.

And Anne-Sophie is also just SUPER fun and BIG HEARTED!


Selena Delesie

Leadership Coach

Event a small conversation leaves you bigger, brighter and more empowered than you were moments before.

In Anne-Sophie’s presence there is never a problem:
only opportunities, possibilities— never failure.
Only important information.

Anne-Sophie speaks in the language of expansion and discovery. 

Her attitude is remarkably infectious and even a
simple conversation leaves you bigger, brighter and more empowered than you were moments before!

Bec Robbins,

Bec Robbins’ INSPIRED Life & Business Coaching

I now have a clear understanding of WHO I SERVE, because I know WHO I am.

If you’re looking for more confidence and clarity about how you are, who you serve and how to do it, she’s the coach for you.

She's able to finish your sentences—as if she can read your mind.

She finds exactly the right words to capture what you want to say, formats it amazingly, so you can attract exactly who you want to work with. 

Anne-Sophie truly leads from the heart and with love. It’s rare meet someone like her online.  

Working with Anne-Sophie has been life-changing!

Sherry Fae

Leadership Coach, SherryFae.com

Hey! I’m Anne-Sophie, a big-hearted story magician, who helps women become UNIGNORABLE to the people whose life they’re meant to change. Starting with their Own.

I work with online coaches and healers who have BIG *Fierce* hearts, Massive (but dusty) dreams, and who are done having silenced voices, and who are ready to put a LOUDSPEAKER to their soul, to make ripples of change in their world.

We strip away BS and self-doubt, so your real, raw voice and come out, with passion and purpose.

If you want to build a biz you love, you have to love you, and be you in the whole damn thing. Period.

That’s what we do. We put you in the saddle, and then, in your spotlight.

xo Anne-Sophie


A month later it feels like a 365 shift!

I’ve gone from confusion to being on a path and feeling confident!

Anne-Sophie is good at it all and really knows her stuff!

Iris Higgins

founder, Your Fairy Angel Hypnotherapy

Every time I talk with her, I learn something new about myself.

I’ve worked with a lot of coaches and found Anne-Sophie is one of the most intuitive, helpful, and insightful coaches I know. She’s amazing at asking the right questions, knowing what I need at any given moment, and supporting me to achieve more than I ever imagined.

Tanja M. Schneider

Founder, Designed Success

Identified new niche, message and tailored marketing plan

Working with Anne-Sophie is like signing up to ‘zero in on’ the shit you’ve been putting off for months (or years!)… with a ‘let’s get’er done’ practical yet creative approach to implementation.

She has the experience to know-how and when to ask the hard questions, and the sensitivity to know when to be supportive and talk you through what you are feeling.

Before meeting with Anne-Sophie, I hadn’t taken the time to work on identifying my niche, marketing or messaging. In our concentrated session, we were able to brainstorm and identify my ideal niche based on my work, my professional ethics, and my city’s demographics.

We also clarified how to target and taylor my offers for my newly identified niche, and decided on a fresh idea for a launch event. I felt that Anne-Sophie is always very focused and fully present when working with me.

Partnering up with Anne-Sophie will help you fast-forward
your dreams into reality in a playful, fun yet no bull-shit way!”


Sylvie Croteau-Willard

Founder, Principal Designer, Collage Interiors

More present, focused than I’ve been in a long, long time!

Anne-Sophie’s coaching has empowered me to bring my business requirements in better synch with the essential things that make my family thrive.

Her coaching has reminded me that all aspects of my family life can lived with assertiveness, humour and gusto. I’m more present, more grateful and more focussed than I have been in a long, LONG time.


Dawn Xavier-Franklin

Mama & Freelance Web Designer

Clear, inspired and Motivated to take action!

Anne-Sophie helped me to get clarity on what it is I want to do with my business.

In one brief consultation Anne-Sophie enabled me to look at my situation from a different perspective and motivated me to get to is. I was inspired and juiced up after our 30 minute conversation!

Maria Kurylo

Mama, Soul Shaker & Yoga Teacher

Found clarity on what I want to do when I grow up (and am doing it now)

“Before working with Anne-Sophie, I couldn’t see what my future looked like. I felt guilty for taking time for myself, while also being unhappy for not taking time for myself… I’d just left a career that I spent over 20 years building knowing that I wanted to do something else but wasn’t sure what that something else was.

Now, I’ve found clarity on “what I want to be when I grow up,” I also have exciting goals opportunities that will make this a reality! Plus, I’ve learned to take time for myself, be more patient, positive and have therefore become happier and a better partner and mother. I have a better work/life balance which benefits everyone in the family. And today, I’m able to end each day feeling accomplished, regardless of the tasks or checklist completed on a daily basis… This process allows you to spend the time on yourself to ensure you are the happiest person you can be.

This work is perfect for someone who’s ready for change!

-Mari A. Entrepreneur and VIP client who’s now founded her dream business

Anne-Sophie – this is why I love you: Your content is absolutely inspired, compelling & kick-ass-make-a-difference!

Amrita Khalsa (Danielle Seville)


Work with Anne-Sophie

Anne-Sophie only works with a very small number of private clients each year, by application only. You can also work with Anne-Sophie through the She's a Changemaker Sistermind and the Spread Love Make Sales Society. If you're ready to embrace change, get support and take action in your business, book a chat with Anne-Sophie


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