Hey Beautiful — Today, here’s an original poem and some artwork, all created by me and shared with you on this Mothers’ Day. My hope is that inspires you to say YES to the LOVE that’s in you to give and share with your child, yourself and your mama…


I am mother.
You are child.
I am woman.
You are my daughter.
You are my son.

You are my teacher. 
And I, your student.

You are my guide.
And I, your example.

You model freedom.
You are truth.

When I do,
You remind me to be.

Every tear. Every laugh.
Every scream. Every dream.
You teach me. I teach you. 

I shaped you.
Now, you shape me.

My son, my daughter,
Thank you for your love
Your daily reminder,
To become everything I dream.
And grow into the version of me
Both of us can love fully.
Today, not someday.
So you can grow up to do the same.
For your daughter. And your son. For you.

Mommy, you’re as worthy as me.
Love yourself fully for me. 
Just as much as you love me
Be yourself for me.
Just like you want me to be me
Be all of you for me.
Just like you want me to be all of me.

Mother, thank you.
The more you become you,
The more I can love you.
And the more of you there is to love me.

Show me all your colours,
And let me be your rainbow.

I love you. You love me.

And so, it will always be.

PS: Here are some photos with my mommy and my family.

Me and my beautiful Maman



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