CONFIDENCE ACCELERATOR for ambitious women with ADHD
Empowerment program with support, structure and community needed to grow into your goals and dreams.

Creative direction and production

Content design, UX Design

Culture, Communications and Marketing


Feminism & Diversity

Culture & Campaigns

Changemaking & Growth

Working together: What's it's like?

I'm a dream designer, navigator or co-pilot. A changeneer. I offer the tangible support, structure and systems that helps women embrace the changes they seek. Through coaching and consulting, I help my clients change, achieve more and grow into their goals.


"You're better than caffeine!

You help me achieve my potential."

Aurora Johannson, Family Lawyer

Private client since 2018 |

" When I’m with you I feel like I’m making forward progress. I don’t feel like I have to be perfectionistic or better than who I am.

”Your work is about other people’s work: How to make it smooth, unstuck, progressing. It’s dream building. But the actual building part. Not just dreaming. You actually have the pieces, the chunks--how are we getting from there to there? And you have all the tangible pieces!

Every time you touch my website people call."