I work privately with women entrepreneurs and creative professionals who want to achieve more but feel stalled by symptoms of ADHD or of an atypically wired-brain. I offer custom curated work to help these women achieve their potential, without being perfectionistic, so they and find their way forward.

I'm fascinated by the empowering effect of creative self-expression and the resulting positive changes in can create in a woman's life and career. I use the proven principles of positive psychology, constructive communications, mindset and emotional mastery, growth hacking and the artistic principles used by master artists and innovators for centuries to facilitate rapid change. When we mix these ingredients, we can create positive changes in all parts of life without blindsiding our feelings or ignoring our values which can results in accelerated results and that make work and life feel tangibly feel easier and lighter, tangibly.

I'm a communicator, educator, creative, feminist and growth strategist with 20 years of experience in marketing, media, communications, diversity and inclusion, business, and culture. My ideas, initiative and leadership have become campaigns, brands and projects that have inspired people to change perspectives or habits, and create forward momentum in their life, work or community.

Since 2012, I’ve interviewed outstanding entrepreneurs on their unique ways of creating success, meaning and freedom in their life and business. My voice and words have also been featured on various media platforms globally to discuss women’s leadership, change-making and the link between empowerment, EQ, story and constructive communications.

“You're better than caffeine!

You help me achieve my potential."

Aurora Johannson, Family Lawyer

Private client since 2018

" When I’m with you I feel like I’m making forward progress. I don’t feel like I have to be perfectionistic or better than who I am.

”Your work is about other people’s work: How to make it smooth, unstuck, progressing. It’s dream building. But the actual building part. Not just dreaming. You actually have the pieces, the chunks--how are we getting from there to there? And you have all the tangible pieces!

Every time you touch my website people call."